Post Partum Mood Disorder

Starting this week at The Parenting Post, I’m doing a series on my experiences with Post Partum Mood Disorder.

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4 Responses to Post Partum Mood Disorder

  1. Carrie says:

    Is it possible that I still have that? No, really. I think they should call it “pre four-year-old daughter disorder”. But seriously, I think this series will be very interesting to read Kathryn, and I look forward to hearing the rest!

    Big babies rule!

  2. Mrs. Flinger says:

    I just started five post of PPD as well. I didn’t even know it was the thing to do right now until I saw your post and a couple of others. For ONCE I’m on track with something even though I never pay attention. 😉

    It was nice meeting you!!!

  3. chilihead says:

    Great minds. I have written two or three posts on that as well. The first one went up today. Are you participating in the Oct. 24 BlogHer Acts regarding this issue?

  4. Katherine says:

    Kathryn, Thank you so much for sharing this story. I’ve had a couple of friends go through it, and both wished they had felt like it was “okay” to ask for help sooner. It is such an important topic to get “out there” to the Mommy-community!

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