Laylee has a Fever… Just Like Earth

So, I’m not sure what I think about Global Warming. The world seems to be in an uproar and when the entire world is in an uproar AND has a fever, I try to listen and respect that. I’ve even got An Inconvenient Truth… somewhere… in my Netflix queue.

I haven’t done my homework, although my father-in-law has and presents some pretty compelling arguments that the world should chill out because biking to work will not solve the overheating. On the other hand, he may just be racist against the sun. He thinks humans are fine but the sun is a big fat trouble maker.

Now I honestly like that people are jumping on the Al Gore global warming bandwagon, even if only for the fact that it will reduce air pollution and smog. Clean air = good. If it takes this latest global warming scare to make the air breathable, I’m a fan.

But considering Mars is warming at roughly the same rate as Earth, and Mars has WAY fewer SUVs, I’m not totally sold on XVP Gore’s (okay and the majority of the scientific community’s) global warming theories.

This is all a lead-in for the fact that No Cool Story is CRACKING. ME. UP.


Here and Here

There really are some things for which More Cowbell is the only prescription. Being home all day with sick kids is one of them.

update: I in no way consider myself a scientific expert. I just REALLY like the idea of curing global warming by playing the heck out of a cowbell.

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27 Responses to Laylee has a Fever… Just Like Earth

  1. Sketchy says:

    The official reason Mars is warming is because of their dust storms or something…my husband explained this to me once, you see how well I pay attention…but the fact that it’s warming at the same rate as Earth is a little suspicious.

  2. MamaToo says:

    Your dad is racist against the sun, too? He & my mom have been talking… I agree, though, anything that gets a few people acting a little more intentionally about their waste/use of resources can’t be all bad, nor inconvenient.
    Great link, by the way – hilarious.

  3. allysha says:

    I hope Laylee feels better. Do you think the earth could use a dose of liquid tylenol?

  4. ZaCarrie says:

    Thanks for the information. My brother has a merit badge for playing the cowbell. He will be willing and ready on July 24th to save our planet!

  5. Mary says:

    Saving the planet July 24th works well as it’s the day after my birthday, and who wants to be troubled with that kind of business on their actual birthday? Not this girl.

  6. I had a brief look at your father-in-laws blog. It seems very compelling and easy to understand so I’m certainly going to spend a bit more time there.

    I haven’t done any homework on global warming either – but I do hate it when a particular way of thinking or belief becomes so entrenched in political correctness that it becomes almost impossible to question it further.

  7. Hope Laylee feels much better soon.
    Clean air = good,
    Taking care of our planet = good
    Not letting Sith mind tricks work on me = good

    (I got a super DYM t-shirt last week. Now this?, oh man, it’s like it’s my MONTH or something)

  8. Poppa2B says:

    Global warming isn’t really a problem (NOT). The warmer it gets, the further north you move. Eventually you live in a nice climate, not cold not hot. Of course there won’t be any OZONE to protect you so you’ll have to wear SPF10 million if you want to go outside and don’t forget the oxygen mask because the pollution levels will be like breathing a diesel truck exhaust pipe. But that’s just a minor inconvenience, nothing we can’t live with.


  10. Jeana says:

    The only question I have is this: When will Al Gore jump on the Al Gore bandwagon?When he gives up the private jet, downsizes his house and starts hanging his own BVD’s on ye ol’ clothesline, maybe I’ll give him a serious thought. But you can’t ignore the clear logic No Cool Story presents:

    Cause of illness: cow flatulence
    Cure: cowbell

    The cows give, and the cows take away.

  11. Stephanie says:

    I’ve got a fever, and the prescription is more cowbell! That was so funny.

  12. Pops says:

    Those father-in-law posts are drier than burnt toast. Cowbells are much more like it!

  13. Heidi says:

    LOL!!!!! This is great. I’m also not 100% convinced that anything we do will solve the problem 100% but I’m all for cleaner air and water – and less reliance on petroleum and fossil fuels so that we don’t have to import them!

    Oh, and I also agree that Al needs to downsize his thousands of square feet…talk about a waste of energy!

  14. Shalee says:

    Well, I’d love to save the world that day, but July 24th happens to be our anniversary. I’ll be too busy creating more heat that will most likely push the temp up a degree or two… at least in my hotel room.

    Hope Laylee feels better soon!

  15. LainaKay says:

    Love the cowbell links… HILARIOUS! So happy to hear a reasonable view on all the hullabaloo! I’m with you. We should all use resources responsibly because it’s the right thing to do, not because Al Gore and Sheryle Crowe think the earth has a “FEVER.”

  16. Millie says:

    Ting! Ting! Ting! Ting!

    I love that darn cowbell. I have to echo the above comment – NCS’ argument canNOT be topped. I think I’ll wear a lovely cowbell necklace around my neck for July 24 (which coincides with Pioneer Day – I can’t think of anything more fitting than being a cowbell-wearing-global-warming-fighter pioneer).

  17. nosurfgirl says:

    The only question I have is this: When will Al Gore jump on the Al Gore bandwagon?When he gives up the private jet, downsizes his house and starts hanging his own BVD’s on ye ol’ clothesline,

    — I agree. Although I also think that global warming is real. 🙂

  18. I think globalwarming is real too. I’m just not fully convinced of its causes. I hope that by reducing energy consumption and pollution and production of green house gasses, we will be able to regulate temperatures. That would be sweet.

  19. Ok, so when I said “Sith mind tricks” that meant JEDI/Sith mind tricks. Not something else 😉

  20. chilihead says:

    I will gladly play my cowbell and save the earth IF he fixes that darn typo! I can’t stand it! LOL But I do loves me some cowbell, so may play it anyway.

  21. chilihead says:

    Do you love the irony that my previous comment had a typo? Karma, people. Karma.

  22. Eve says:

    Cowbell made me laugh, comments made me laugh. Your right about that one. She’s hilarious. And meeting her and then picturing that stuff coming out of her mouth?
    Even funnier!

  23. nosurfgirl says:


    I’m hoping, too. In any case, as has been stated previous, it’s nice to have clean air. Someone recently (I can’t remember who) compared SLC’s air during inversion to the equivalent of breathing secondhand smoke.


  24. Pops says:

    Yes, global warming is real. The planet is still in recovery from the Little Ice Age, which gave the planet average global temperatures colder than they had been for thousands of years. The recovery began in about 1850 or so. There was a spike upward in the 1930s, then a cooling period that lasted through the 1970s. We still haven’t reached the level of the Medieval Warm Period, during which civilization flourished because of the wonderful climate. But we’re getting there.

    Why the increase in atmospheric CO2? I don’t think it’s us – we don’t make very much in comparison with natural processes. The ocean appears to be the great climate regulator. It contains vast amounts of carbon dioxide in solution. When the ocean warms, it gives off CO2. When it cools, it absorbs it.

    Because humanity produces so little CO2, we really have no hope of regulating atmospheric CO2. For example, if all vehicles in the United States were banned, it would represent an annual reduction in CO2 emissions equal to 0.00042 of what’s already in the atmosphere. That is not large enough to be measurable by any stretch of the imagination.

    One of my worst fears is that we will resort to the production of aerosols to block insolation — that could have a truly devastating effect on the climate. Another worst fear is that global warming alarmism is a gambit to fool people into giving up freedom, which seems to be consistent with the political machinations surrounding the issue.

    In the meantime, enjoy the benefits of increased atmospheric CO2. For example, there is a close relationship between CO2 and plant vitality. As atmospheric CO2 goes up, so does the quantity of biomass on the planet. One experiment indicated a near-linear relationship between atmospheric CO2 and plant growth. All you farmers out there, think crop yields!

    Furthermore, there isn’t a cause-and-effect relationship between atmospheric CO2 and temperature in the paleoclimate record. It’s the other way around: atmospheric CO2 rises in response to warming temperatures, often with a lag of hundreds of years, apparently due to the thermal inertia of the ocean.

    It’s the sun.

  25. Millie says:

    Someone should research this.

    The “Teh” typo is not a typo. It’s part of NCS’ never-failing charm. Her Mexi-charm, I don’t think she’d mind me saying. She’s just that cute. I love her “teh”. 😉

  26. LainaKay says:

    Amen Pops! Thanks for the info!

  27. marian says:

    And when the last “ice age” ended, to my knowledge, there were not many SUV’s cruising the planet… So why the massive warm-up? Were there pre-historic cows belching methane everywhere? Oh, what do I know…

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