Taking Inventory

Every once in a while I like to sit down and think of all the reasons I’m the BEST MOM EVER. It’s a good exercise to try and narrow them down to a reasonably small list of my saintly acts. The most recent addition is up at parenting.com so you can go over and let me know any reasons why you might by my runner up.

In the event that I can no longer fulfill my duties as BEST MOM EVER, I’d like my replacement to be one of you.

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4 Responses to Taking Inventory

  1. Heffalump says:

    Actually, they do make adjustable shoes. They cover 3 sizes each. Like 11-11 1/2-12. I looked them up online. An example of them can be seen at http://www.shoeannex.com/chyoinadatsh.html
    They are SPENDY though! I try to stick with $10 or less shoes since they outgrow them so fast. These are about $50, but they also have snow boots!

  2. RGLHM says:

    Sorry. I won’t be able to live up to that standard. You’re going to have to find someone else to take them:-) Though if you will accept subpar, or only doing 1/2 of those things, I will gladly take over.

  3. Kimberly says:

    Can I be Miss Congeniality? I’m really nice!

  4. Liz says:

    I’d like to be voted in for best Blauntie … blog auntie …

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