When I Grow Up

Sometimes Ashton Kutcher really makes me think.

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5 Responses to When I Grow Up

  1. Nantiemeg says:

    Think what? “Dude, where’s my car?” – Excellent post by the way, I just had to throw it out there.

  2. Interesting post over at the other place K. Ashton Kutcher really makes me think too, but usually about inappropriate things. Demi and I are the same age which enables those thoughts.

  3. Kimberly says:

    I thought this was going to be a giggle worthy post, but instead it really made me think. And I smiled, and realized that at the age of 28, my dreams and aspirations aren’t all for my kids, I’ve saved some for me as well.

  4. I watched “Casino Royale” last night and I thougth “Pffft! I can totally do that”.

  5. RGLHM says:

    Similiar to you of course. More degrees. Run some sort of organization, probably related to education. Everyweek I have a new plan. (I usually think of ways to make a profit though. Is that evil?:-)

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