You’re the One that I Want

Today I was driving past a construction site, listening to “Mick” Hammer sing Can’t Touch This on the radio (no relation to Mick Jagger). One of the workers, a portly older gentleman in a khaki Carhartt jumpsuit and white hardhat crossed the road in front of my car and sped up a little to get out of my way.

His fingers were spread wide apart and the bounce in his step matched the beat of the music. He looked like he was doing jazz hands in some sort of blue collar early nineties rap musical. I wonder if he knew he’d just been cast.

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6 Responses to You’re the One that I Want

  1. Liz says:

    FREAKY – I heard “can’t touch this” on the radio today too!!!

    (Hammer and Jagger aren’t related? whaaa?)

  2. allysha says:

    that’s awesome. it makes you want to film your own 90’s rap music video. let’s do it when you come to visit. hee.

  3. Farm Wife says:

    That’s too funny! My favorite is when I’m listening to the radio in the car and I pull up next to a guy in a business suit, sitting at a stop light singing along to the same song…Brittany Spears never looked so good!

  4. Goslyn says:

    Hilarious. I can so totally see that.

  5. EmLouisa says:

    Why are you so lucky that you get to hear The Hammer on the radio? When I want to listed to it I have to pull out the old mix tapes!!!

  6. Kimberly says:

    I’ve got this film reel flickering in my mind now, where his solo act is joined by a bunch of his pals and they do this frightening bit of choreography…eww…I’m so having nightmares tonight! ~lol~

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