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Boats Can Read but Cows Cannot

Apparently the little boat that sailed into the night reads my blog.  On Wednesday I finally called for its return. Last night at the mariner’s house one small square window was glowing with a dim light, the first sign of … Continue reading

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Little Sailboat

Where have you gone, little sailboat?  Every day I would drive by your house, a small piece of wreckage, seemingly washed far ashore in our little section of suburbia.  The tall grass lapped against the peeling paint of your ancient … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday-ish — Starting a BookClub

So it’s Wednesday!  What could be more fun than doing tips since I didn’t get to them yesterday?  Scuba Diving maybe or laying completely alone in a flowered valley at the top of a lonely mountain while birds fly overhead … Continue reading

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I think you’ll enjoy this awesome talk on children and education if you have an interest in um…children or education. Speaking of creativity, I have evidence of ballerina class.  Please don’t look at these pictures unless you’re prepared to yorch from … Continue reading

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Long Range Clapper-Finder

I am a loser.  I lose things.  Small things, large things.  It doesn’t matter.  I can frequently be found asking people if they’ve seen my keys, my phone, my van, my mind.  I can keep track of most anything on … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Great “Pics”

I hate it when people type “pic” or “pics”.  I just thought you should know.  Pictures, photos, shots, anything but “pic”?  I don’t know why that abbreviation grates on me.  It just does.  I’ve tried it a few times.  It … Continue reading

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