I Hate Goodbyes — A Tree Grows In Brooklyn — Final Chapters

Francie and her family close the door on me, just like that?  What gives?  Where’s book two?  A Tree Grows In Brooklyn — the Blog?

I want so much to know what will happen in Francie’s life.  Will life with Ben become something wonderful?  I believe that she will find a deeper love in Ben than she ever had with Lee, who was only really a dream, her first flailing attempt at love.

I agree with her mother that Francie will never forget him, but I think he will come to be a sweet memory, a foreshadow of things to come, rather than continue as an overpowering presence in her life.

Francie’s mother married her first love, met on a whim, attracted to his good looks and in love with being in love.  Don’t you think she’ll be much happier with McShane?  They have a quiet attraction and respect for each other, a slow simmer that will build with time.  He is more of what her head wants and her heart will grow to follow.

Any other predictions of how their lives will end up?  Will Francie finish college, marry Ben, forget about Brooklyn? 

As far as the book club goes, I’m starting too think it’s too ambitious for my current life.  There are so many projects I am in the middle of and I think I need to know when to say when.  So, as far as this book club goes, WHEN.  If you plan to read another great book and want to let me know about it, I may just read along.  I’ve really enjoyed discussing this one with all of you.  It now joins my increasingly too large list of top 10 favorites.

Lauren writes
from a New Yorker’s perspective about the ways our world has changed and how it remains the same.
Allysha says “[…]Often times it’s heartbreaking as Francie has to negotiate the world she has created in her mind with the reality she lives in.[…]”Â  In her usual thoughtful way, Allysha discusses this week’s section about growing up.  She discusses beauty and truth and one of my favorite sections of the book and finishes up perfectly with this post.


Pease let me know if you’ve blogged about the book and I’ll add a link here. And remember, you don’t have to stick to the schedule. If you have something great to say about the first page, let us know.

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  1. Nettie says:

    Wow, it finally is letting me post! I was going to mention that AMC had A Tree Grows In Brooklyn as its morning movie, but it no longer matters now that it is over. It was a black and white from the 40’s. They did a good job of it, despite having to leave out much of the book.

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