Today Heather has asked us to tell her one thing we’re currently procrastinating.

I am currently procrastinating opening a very spam-ish looking piece of postal mail that says:


State law requires that you take care of an important matter related to your move.
Please do this today.

What if I discard it ON PURPOSE? What then? I don’t know. I’m sort of putting off that decision for a while.

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8 Responses to Avoidance

  1. Grammy says:

    Sorry! You’re going to have to do it though. It just might be legit.

  2. Discard it on purpose. Do it. 🙂

  3. Susan says:

    Discard it and THEN go rip all those tags off the pillows and mattresses, the ones that say NOT TO BE REMOVED UNDER PENALTY OF LAW.

    I dare you.

  4. Margaret says:

    AND the ones on your blowdryer that warn you about the risk of electric shock and “DON’T YOU DARE USE THIS WHILE YOU ARE SITTING IN THE BATHTUB YOU IDIOT!”

    I dare you.

  5. WHOOPS! I just now went and bought the book….I guess I’m going to be ten chapters behind ya!

  6. BoringTales says:

    Yeah, toss it away. It is just a car insurance ad. State law does require that you carry car insurance in the state you reside, but doesn’t say you have to get it from that company!

    I got the exact same letter a few weeks before my move.


  7. Caryn says:

    Oh, my. I can see why you’d be nervous. I hope it’s legitimately good news.

  8. Robin Joy says:

    We got that same mail. It’s car insurance company. Screw them, throw it out!

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