Back to the Nerdery

When I got back from the conference, my parents were already here waiting for me, cleaning and organizing my house and building shelves like an elite trained strike force the government can only dream of employing. My garage went from this:


to this:


in the course of a few days. I can PARK in there now for the love of PETE! Who ever heard of such a thing? Maybe I’ll just install a strobe light and start a discothèque instead.

Last week my home was filled with friends and family. Now that they’ve all left, I return to my blogging nerdery like a wino to his bottle.

My new post is up over at Parenting and here’s the schedule for A Tree Grows in Brooklyn discussion. Feel free to post comments here or comment on your own blog and leave a link in my comments.

Chapters 1-10 Saturday, August 12th
Chapters 11-26 Saturday, August 19th
Chapters 27-37 Saturday, August 26th
Chapters 38-45 Saturday, September 2nd
Chapters 46-End Saturday, September 9th

That’s about 100 pages per week. You don’t have to stick to the schedule and you can definitely go WAY “off topic” in your discussion. If you’re discussing it, that makes it “on topic”. Happy reading. It really is a fabulous book.

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24 Responses to Back to the Nerdery

  1. Heather says:

    Um you don’t know me, but can I borrow your parents for a week or so? How are they at painting? I’ll make them lovely food while they’re here!

    So jealous of the organized garage!

  2. surcie says:

    Please tell your parents I have a crush on them.

  3. Lei says:

    Love the garage and love that book! Yes, parking a vehicle inside is a ni-ice option!

  4. Mama T. says:

    How much do they charge? Would they consider a trip to the midwest?

    3 car garage & 0 cars able to park inside it.

  5. emlouisa says:

    Okay. First of all, I am seriously drooling at your garage. I’m going to show this to hubby and make him get to work. He has promised me this for 3 years now and…nada.

    And you are kidding that the book club books is A Tree Grows in Brooklyn. Maybe I subconciously knew that, because I totally bought it on Friday. I’m on chapter 6!!!! yay!

  6. Valarie says:

    your garage is nothing short of amazing, and I’m totally excited for that book.

  7. Peter says:

    My favorite saying is “For the Love of Pete”

  8. Caryn says:

    WOW!!! You have some incredible parents.

  9. Tracy M says:

    I have garage-envy. Seriously.

  10. Pops says:

    Duuude! That is one fine-looking garage! Now show me a picture of your living room 🙂 , and then maybe of your bamboo piles (sorry about that).

  11. HLH says:

    holy crap, you actually have your years supply! I stand in awe and in envy…

  12. Paige says:

    Oh, I so need your parents (or someone like your parents) to come and organize my garage! I took some pictures of the disaster and entered a contest for why I needed a new shed. It looks like this:

  13. You have a great looking garage again 🙂

    That’s awesome. I’m on the 7th chapter of the book, I need to start reading it again. Its just been crazy out here!

  14. While your readers sit green with envy over your beautifully organized garage I sit green with envy over the fact that you have a garage.

    It looks awesome.

  15. Your garage frightens me. FRIGHTENS ME. Nothing should be that organized, not EVER.

  16. Goodness…How can I hire your parents to organize my home??? I love them.

  17. Dawn says:

    Parking in a garage? No way. Do people really do that? I now have hope that maybe someday I might get to park in mine….

  18. Sridevi says:

    I’d to like to borrow your parents. On 2nd thoughts, I don’t think I’ll ever let them out of my sight, once I have them!

  19. Journey Mama says:

    Your garage looks amazing. AMAZING. I don’t have a garage, but if I did, I would want it to look like that.

  20. Linsey says:

    Wait, park what in there? You couldn’t possibly mean your car, right? I mean, who parks a car in their garage???

  21. Nicole says:

    No fair! My parents don’t organize MY garage, I want a refund.

  22. Oh, The Joys says:

    I have never had “Garage Envy” before, but I have it now.

  23. limey mommy says:

    Wow! Your parents are awesome, but you probably know that already.

  24. You are so getting my “The Lazy Organizer” blogger award.

    I mean. As soon as I get one. It’s yours baby!

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