Because I am a DORK

I got the dates wrong, even though I totally know them. The Idaho dinner is on SATURDAY night. I will be on the road Friday if you’d like to join my in a truckstop corndog somewhere in Oregon.*

*Disclaimer – you will not be allowed to pump your own gas and you’ll have to drive 60mph.

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8 Responses to Because I am a DORK

  1. WHOO HOO!!!!!I’m the 1st one to leave a comment! My life is now fullfilled! I don’t even really have a comment, I saw that there weren’t any yet so I hurried up!!! Go ME!!!

  2. ohh…where did your hunting houses post go? I wanted my husband to read it. I promise he doesn’t wear wife-beaters, we don’t own a yapper, and we only have one car, which we still drive…:)

  3. Beth says:

    I totally feel ya’ on the Oregon thing. I make regular trips down to No. Cal. and Oregon drives. me. crazy! WHAT is the point of the gas pumping thing? Does it create more jobs for lazy teenagers who give you attitude when you drive up? And the whole 60 mph? WTF?!? Too bad I go 80….

  4. meredith says:

    Um, there seem to be a bunch of cool mamas on the other side of the earth. You make me want to be in Orgeon…

  5. Jen says:

    yeah…but you won’t pay any sales tax on that corndog! Be careful DYM, you have some die-hard Oregonian fans!!!

  6. EvaRob says:

    gas prices bite, too…

  7. emlouisa says:

    Saturday is a Special Day

    It’s the day that we get to meet Daring!


  8. KatieButler says:

    Sending good house vibes your way! We were where you are about 4 years ago, looking to move from a townhouse to a single-family home in a very expensive housing market, so I feel your pain. We were lucky enough to stumble on a house literally 15 mins after the realtor put up the yard sign, and made an offer the next day.

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