Happy Easter – With a Strobe Light

easter3Well, not much to say here. Easter was far less bitter than the days leading up to it. This is remarkable since I decided to take a second whack at creating a lovely gown for myself which also ended up in miserable failure. Dan says Laylee will love using it as a dress-up dress, so some good came out of it. I ended up wearing a skirt I made last summer and the world is still spinning.

easter4Laylee’s dress turned out cute, as dresses sewn for adorable children often do. The bunny-man was good to us, bringing me a book of Shel Silverstein poems which Laylee has claimed as her own.

“You hafta SHARE! Please.”

The church service was beautiful, the beauty exaggerated by the fact that I was sitting on the stand with the choir and actually had the chance to pay attention for once…and the fact that it was not my three-year-old who pulled the fire alarm during the choir’s stirring rendition of the closing song, “I Know that My Redeemer Lives.” It was much more exciting with the strobe lights and sirens.

We all love the song so much that we just kept singing away while the congregation mumbled nervously, trying to decide whether it would be rude to flee the building when the choir wouldn’t shut the heck up.

When we found out who the culprit was, I was not surprised. That’s just the kind of thing you’d expect from a child raised by parents who grew up in a nudist colony. *wink*

In other news, the weird things meme is circulating again and although I have been tagged before, I have to mention my recent tag by Peter, a man who’s blog, like his business is called The Tutu Boutique and who listed crying during reality TV shows as one of his weird qualities. Dude. His blog is pink. He sells tutus and princess things. Check him out. He cracks me up.

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24 Responses to Happy Easter – With a Strobe Light

  1. Gabriela says:

    Cute dress, I’m impressed!

    I know what you mean about enjoying church from the stand. Since I started playing piano I sure get a lot more out of the sacrament. My husband? Well, not so much.

    Strobe lights? I had no idea… don’t think I’d better mention this to my 5 year old.

  2. Heth says:

    She looks totally adorable and that looks like one complicated dress. You’ve got SKILLS!

  3. The "Cooler" Shannon....LOL says:

    WOW! Your service sounded more exciting then mine. Wish I would have had that bit of excitment….
    The dress came out really cute! Sorry to hear about your dress, but your husband was right your daughter can use it for dress up 🙂
    Our eggs didn’t come out so good I think I did it wrong…it was my first year doing them as a mom….
    I didn’t get anything for Easter…MMmmmmm do mom’s get something too? Cuz in that case I am eyeing something online and need an excuse to buy it!

  4. Grammy says:

    So Moses pulled the fire alarm, eh? I’ve often wondered why they put those things low enough for little children to reach. And the strobe lights are certainly impressive.

    I well remember the day one of my pre-schoolers pulled it. Luckily for me, his mother had just signed him out and so she was “responsible”. 5 minutes eearlier and it would have been me who took the rap. We had to evacuate the whole building to the south parking lot until the firemen had come and declared the building free from hazards. And a fun time was had by all!

  5. Grammy says:

    Laylee looks cute as usual. You did a good job (on the kid and the dress). Don’t you just love a little girl in a pinafore?

  6. Eli's Mom says:

    The dress is adorable. Your service was DEFINITLY more exciting than ours – no strobe lights here!

  7. Stephanie says:

    I can’t believe he pulled it! No wait… That is so funny. What an exciting Easter.

  8. Leah says:

    My daughter saw the picture of Laylee and said, “Look, it’s Meldy Princess.” I told her it was Laylee, but she refused to believe it!

  9. KC says:

    I can’t believe you sewed that. Can I have my cape back now?

  10. Mommy@Home says:

    She is so cute!

    You’ve been tagged! Check out my blog

  11. Carrie says:

    Your daughter looks awesome. Really cute dress. We had stake conference and a child pulled the fire alarm during the stake president’s talk. Was this some kind of hint? I thought his talk was wonderful, but the natives were getting somewhat restless. Glad you had a good day.

  12. Caryn says:

    Love the dress! Glad you weren’t indirectly responsible for the fire alarm; probably wouldn’t live it down. Of course, then you’d have something to hold over your kids’ heads when they start dating.

  13. Nettie says:

    I’m glad you had a good Easter and that Laylee’s dress turned out so adorable! We had the power flicker out during our meeting just as we were about to sing. The organist ended up playing a long “Wahhhhhhhhh” that made everyone giggle, but it wasn’t as exciting as strobe lights!

  14. Jeana says:

    My eyes hurt from the cuteness!

  15. Adorable dress. And who is this “cooler” Shannon….hmmmm?

  16. Lei says:

    Oh I wish I had witnessed the light show to “I Know That My Redeemer Lives”! Really, its a wonder and shame that has NOT been done before! 😉

  17. BigSister says:

    Laylee is adorable. Wish I had time to sew. (Not that I would do that great of a job – I haven’t sewn since high school).

    Strobe lights? Lucky you! Our meeting was impromptu speakers that were picked from the congregation. Made us kinda listen to make sure that we weren’t the next one called though.

  18. Mimo says:

    I love your blog and your stories! You’re a very facinating writer. Hope you don’t mind I earmarked your blog for reading. 🙂
    Cute dress and child by the way. Happy Easter (a day late)!

  19. emlouisa says:

    I got to enjoy church too since dh ended up staying home with the boys. Yay for that!

    I was visiting the inlaws ward and I counted only ONE person in the choir that was not over the age of fifty. I kid you not. They sounded like a bunch of gobbling turkeys, but their heart was in the right place.

  20. ABC Momma says:

    Wow, that dress is beautiful! You have almost convinced me to try sewing clothing again. If I do, I’ll be sure to steer clear of Butterick pattterns.

    Did the organ player rock on with the strobe lights? Your choir is like the band that kept playing while the Titanic was sinking!

  21. bon says:

    Holy Tamales! You had a way more fun, contemplative and, erm… INTERESTING sacrament meeting than I. But even my plain old ordinary Chaos Girl meeting kicked my can. Skipped the rest and went home to sleep.

    Great dress by the way!

  22. Laylee’s dress turned out darling. I made that pattern for Bean. 🙂 She’s still growing into it!

  23. April1930s says:

    Kathryn ~ I’ve heard so many good things about you from Karen, that every once in awhile I “popover” for a visit. Did you sew that dress??!!! It’s DARLING! Can you post close-ups? (I love fabric.)

  24. californiazenmom says:

    Okay, a little late to the party, but as the extraordinarily proud mother of Big Moses, I must comment here. First, thank you to “grammy”. Yes, indeedy, why DO they put those things down low where (admittedly tall) 3 year olds can reach them? And I would like to make it clear that I WAS watching him and I DID lunge for him when I saw his little paws reach for it and when I tried (futilely) to put it back together thinking (futilely) that I could make the strobe lights stop, I COULD NOT do it. Couldn’t figure out how the little plastic cover thingy fit into the little puzzle-like plastic slot holder thingy. In other words, a 3 year old SHOULDN’T be able to pull it because this 38 year old couldn’t figure it out. Seriously.

    Since Big Moses now refers to himself in the third person as the fireman: “The Fireman wants breakfast now…The Fireman doesn’t want to wear socks today”, I guess it was inevitable that he would figure out that if he pulled the cool red button-slot thingy on the wall, the cool strobe lights would go off AND the FIREMEN would show up. Woo hoo!!!

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