Since People at My Church are so Square…

…They don’t want us to go naked on Easter Sunday and our dresses currently look like this:

my dress

laylee dress

I may not be blogging for a couple of days.

Have a great Good Friday!

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25 Responses to Since People at My Church are so Square…

  1. Liz says:

    woot! first comment – happy sewing. I myself dragged out the old sewing machine and patched my husband’s jeans since his job is square and they don’t want to see his drawers peeking through.

  2. kfk says:

    Well that just can’t be true! No blogging? I just tagged you, darn it.

    Well, happy dress making and we at least want pictures. Just tie ’em up like a sari and be done with it. That way you have time to play.

  3. owlhaven says:

    Hey, maybe you could ask ’em to postpone Easter a week or two? Seeing how they don’t want you all nekkid in church and all…?


    Hope your sewing goes FAST!


  4. Shannon in Arizona says:

    WOW…….I still can’t get over you sew too………I always think where does she get the energy to blog? And now I find out you are tackling making Easter dresses 2 days before????? I am impressed!

  5. Nettie says:

    It’s sewing day at our house today too! Finally, I have things cut out, but haven’t sewn a stitch. Been playing for spring break with the kids. 2 skirts and 2 dresses in 2 days? It’ll be my own Easter miracle!
    BTW thanks for the link! You’ve been the highlight of my day twice in a week!

  6. Are you and Laylee wearing matching dresses?

  7. That you are even attempting to sew yours and Laylee’s Easter dresses just speaks volumes…

  8. Goslyn says:

    Wow. Happy sewing, if there is such a thing. I would rather pull out my own teeth than try to sew Easter dresses, so I am WAYY impressed by your plans.

    (BTW, you know they SELL beautiful, ready-made Easter dresses, right?) LOL.

  9. jessica says:

    Good luck. I have so many sewing projects that I’ve cut out all the pieces too, but have never gotten around to sewing that it isn’t even funny anymore! Hope you and Laylee are able to wear your sure-to-be-lovely Easter dresses on Easter sunday 🙂

  10. Karen says:

    OOoo sounds like fun! Can’t wait to see the finished products.

  11. smartmama says:

    thank goodness fro boys and 99 cent ties at the childrens place or i’d be locked in the office battling swarths of fabrics

  12. Kismet says:

    You know, I tried going into a fabric store once….it was wandering in the desert! I am not a crafty type person and I admire those who are. Good for you. Let’s see a pic when you are finished please????


  13. Peter says:

    I got taged with my first ‘Meme’ and since I just barely know what it is and you are one of the blogs I check n on regularly “tag” you’re it.

  14. krista says:

    you sew?!!

    Wow, I am so happy. I love crafty stuff. I hope you’ll show off your completions!

    PS- let me know if you still can’t get on to my site. (annoying, I know, sorry)

  15. SarahLynn says:

    I will echo and say, “You sew too?!”
    Happy stitches!

  16. Lei says:

    Well, you must be clothed and clothed well, so I guess we can excuse you for a couple days… 😉

  17. Lisa says:

    I bet Laylee will look ADORABLE in her Easter Dress! Have fun sewing! I just finished making myself some kahki slacks that are long enough for my legs! HURRAY!

  18. Emily says:

    hahaha! happy sewing! reminds me of when my mom used to get the sewing bug – always a deadline, i guess. 😉

    good luck.


  19. Is there anything you can’t do? Oh please, don’t even try to tell me otherwise you Young Mom you.
    I believe others are joining me in this request: I expect pictures of the dresses and the lovely Laylee Snow White.

    My younger sister got all the gifts: sewing, crafting, excellent cook, plays instruments, you name it, she can do it.
    Me? I got nuthin’

    Happy Easter!

  20. May your thread be matching
    May your lines be straight
    May your hands fly quickly
    to prevent the barest fate.

    May your scissors clip
    With your iron steaming
    May your name The Daring One
    not take a different meaning

    May your blog show pics
    May your final sigh
    Be thankfulness that a nakey fam
    not grace your pastor’s eye!

  21. Susan says:

    What is this “sewing” of which you speak? I am familiar only with “shopping” as a means of avoiding nakedness.

  22. Ummm… Did you see that someone just wrote you a DYM sewing poem. WOW! Go at it, lady!

  23. Sewing? Never heard of it, must be a foreign(sp?) word! I asked for a sewing machine on my 21st b-day, I’m now 27 and have never used the thing! Bt it makes my guest room look very homely:) I enjoyed the dym sewing poem greatly!!

  24. Grammy says:

    Ah, the Easter dresses entirely sewn in the last couple of days. At least you only have 1 daughter so far.

    Remember the Easter Eve we took a little break from the sewing to go play in the wave pool, and your glasses got stolen, so we didn’t get home until late, so I didn’t finish the last matching dress until 3 o’clock on Easter morning and Becky came down with the chicken pox in church, so she only ended up wearing it for about 15 before I had to take her home? Good times, I tell you!

    Some of these happy memories make me tired all over and glad you all grew up despite it all.

    Love you! Happy sewing!

  25. Have been searching for an actually funny blog to read. Thanks for yours.

    I am the communications director for a semi-respectable non-profit (who would probably prefer to remain nameless) and I also make up words regularly. Loved your response on that one. Some folks just don’t know how to have fun!

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