The Updated Weaner

Thank you for your great suggestions and encouragement over the last couple of days.

My main concern right now is not that Magoo stay hydrated, although that would be nice. I’m just really worried about him getting all the right baby nutrients found in breast milk and formula. I know breast is supposed to be best, but even formula cans claim to contain all sorts of lipids, proteins, and prilohuktazines to promote brain, eye and armpit development and who knows what else.

DHA, ARA and NRA — I’m pretty sure those are not contained in the watered down cranberry juice we’ve managed to get him to drink. Dan says, “Who needs special brain-developing formula? I’m playing BEETHOVEN for him whilst feeding him goldfish crackers. What more could his brain need?”

I do see his point, especially since “fish” are so high in those Omega-3s, right?

sippyAnywho… Magoo has started licking and even drinking occasionally from a valveless sippy cup (a suggestion from momof3busyboys and Maine Mom), although all he’ll take is juice. His neck, chest and stomach are VERY hydrated and his body seems moderately so. I consulted with our pediatric nurse about how much “special milk” he still needs and we are getting the pumped breast milk in him by liquiding down all of his baby food.

I even created a breast milk fruit smoothie yesterday that he drank with much glee. Tomorrow, Karli has offered to have him over to her house for a change of scenery and something she calls “Operation: Drink Something Please.”

We’re hoping that he’ll discover that drinking is cool at a friend’s house…now…not so much when he gets to high school…

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  1. From this day forth I shall be referring to the formula mix as “prilohuktazine powder”.

  2. LOL…is it just me, or is the look on his face in this picture something like, “Mom, I am SO messing with you right now!”

  3. ABC Momma says:

    That’s great he’s doing so well. How are you and your girls, though? (No need to take any pictures of them.)

  4. Kat says:

    I tried to breast feed J.T. at first while I was in the hospital and it was actually getting easier but the night before we were to go home, i was feeding him and just outside my hospital room a food cart tray fell to the floor startling and caused my son not to want to latch on anymore, he refused to latch, so i had to sawitch to formula.

  5. kfk says:

    Magoo will survive this, and you will too! I cut my first born off at 6 months after being chomped on one too many times. He quickly discovered the bottle was not so bad.

  6. JD says:

    Such cute pictures!! Good luck with the “other liquids”

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Not too many people know it exists. so it’s fun to see comments! All two of them, which are both from you! hahaha:)

  8. fulltimemom says:

    I have an eerily similar story, which occurred last week. My little one wouldn’t drink anything that wasn’t directly from my body!! I went on an antibiotic, and couldn’t breastfeed. So, we did the emergency weaning as well, and had the same concerns. We found that desperate times call for desperate measures, and our little one suddently realized that the bottle wasn’t so bad after all. When mom was available he wouuldn’t touch it, but with nothing else in sight, the bottle was close enough. We just kept offering it to him, and within a day or two, he started drinking from the bottle very well. I figured we can wean him from that in due time, but now he needs nourishment. I got the gerber bottles that are plain jane because the nipple is most like yours. Maybe try that-hopefully everything goes well for you!!!

  9. Gabriela says:

    How about breast milk popsicles? I think my kids may have gone for it. Good luck!

  10. Carmen says:

    If you are worried about Omega 3’s and such, you can give your son Coromega. It’s an ornage or chocolate orange flavored whipped mixture, which you put on a spoon and pop it into his mouth. Two of my girls take it.

  11. Adam says:

    After that picture was taken did he up and devour that sippy cup while cackling manically. I would not be surprised. way to go with the fruit smoothie. Try slowly decreasing the amount of juice mixed in with it…very slowly. he should not notice when it dies out entirely, and becomes only whatever formula or pumpage he will take in.

  12. Shannon says:

    So the valve thing works huh? My daughter is 16 months and I can’t get rid of her bottle. My son started using a cup at 9 months no problem. He is going to be 3 and can’t use a cup without a sippy…LOL
    Also, Madison won’t drink anything but formula until I found Rice Dream. But, she hates juice and water and milk. If it isn’t one thing it is another!!!!
    It will all come together I know it will…it has to for all mom’s out there….you are giving us hope!!!!!!!!!!! Haa haaa haaaaa 😉

  13. Shannon says:


    breast milk popsicles?????????

    If you do try that could that be a post listing???? I am curious on how that would work….LOL

    It is kinda grossing me out though at the same time…..

    But if it works….it works…..


  14. Goslyn says:

    I’m glad the Daring Young Family appears to be surviving weaning … I hope Magoo catches on to the taking breastmilk from a bottle thing soon.

  15. jessica says:

    Weaning is horrible – I remember the time well and you have my sympathy! #1 weaned himself at 9 months and wouldn’t drink a lick of formula between then and 12 months when I could start giving him regular milk. Talk about stress. #2 was force-weaned right around a year as I was super ill with the flu and couldn’t feed him. He has yet to drink “real” milk and he’s almost 15 months. His liquid of choice? Water, water and only water. He won’t even take juice. And I’m pretty sure water doesn’t have any special additives for brain, eye and armpit development 🙂 Amazingly enough though, the kids seem to turn out fine! Gives you hope, huh?

  16. Tigersue says:

    At this point I wouldn’t worry to much about it. There was a study done at BYU several years ago, and by this point BM is like skim milk, and even closer to water. There aren’t as many nutrients or fats in the Milk because the children are getting what they need from the other foods they get. Go a head and keep pumping and using it to mix food and thin down other foods to help him get it, but he has recieved the majority of the benefits of BF in the past months. My daughter Kendra weaned herself off at 11 months. To this day she isn’t much of a milk drinker. I give her cheese and yogurt, they are her favorite things to eat. Your idea of the smoothie is a great! If he drinks it that way, that is the thing to do.

  17. Lou says:

    Good luck with that! It’s been almost three weeks with us and Maggie is STILL asking to nurse. Jonas asked once and he was done- hurt my feelings a bit lol!

  18. bon says:

    my SIL the Nutritionalist used to add a little cold-pressed flax seed oil to her boy’s bottle… which might be excellent advise for you if only you could get the man to, y’know… drink out of a bottle.

    my WV is “uoyyybnh” NO JOKE!

    You? Oh, why, why, WHY be an “h”? be an “age”?

  19. Leah says:

    I heard one mom say she gave her son Gatoraid. It’s got all those great electrolites needed for hydration.
    Keep pumping, you’ll get it in him one way or another! 🙂

  20. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I’m so glad other women were succesful with weaning. I nursed my daughter for almost 2 and a half years, and then the only way I could get her to sleep at night was to let her “hold” the milk…thus began her affair with boobies. A year later she was still asking to nurse. Finally after having a second baby, and her seeing what actually comes out of the girls, she is pretty much grossed out.

  21. Susan says:

    I say, forget the breast milk popsicles and go RIGHT for some breast milk ice cream. Put a little chocolate sauce on that and I bet the boy dives right in. Or better yet, a breastmilkshake! Mmmmm . . .

    And Anonymous made me laugh, with the holding of the milk. So funny.

  22. Lauren says:

    LOL at “Operation: Drink Something Please.”

  23. surcie says:

    The change of scenery idea sounds brilliant to me. I hope ODSP goes well!

  24. HangerMom says:

    Good luck! I hope it’s going well so far today. When I first went back to work my youngest refused to take a bottle at all so I’d go 9 hours at work knowing she was starving herself all day only to nurse constantly when I got home. We tried giving the then-three-month-old bottles, sippy cups and open cups and everything we could think of. Then one day we decided to cut her off from anything but bottles, and instantly she started taking them no problem. She didn’t even miss a feeding at home. Strangest thing. Maybe if you just threaten Magoo with nothing at all if he doesn’t take his sippy of breastmilk, it’ll click. Probably not at his age though. They’re a little more onto the empty threats by 11 months.

    I really like the breastmilk ice cream idea. (Eew. Just saying that gave me chills. I don’t know why it grosses me out, but it does.)

  25. I am totally in favor of the breast milk popsicles!! What a great idea. Pop a couple of drops of food coloring in- just to make it fun!

  26. Nettie says:

    Yay, Magoo! Drink up! Great idea with those smoothies, just don’t serve them to the house guests. My SIL was once served brownies made with the special ingredient of boob juice. Shudder!

  27. carrie says:

    Well, I probably wouldn’t serve breastmilk ice cream to guests, but if you really think about it, cow’s milk is really of the same production type as breastmilk except that it’s from a cow, designed for a cow-baby. When I think about it that way, cow’s milk sounds gross. 😉

  28. bon says:

    hey… i’m straight-up hawking yer shirt on my blog, baby!

  29. Caryn says:

    I have to wonder…did you ever think your breast milk would be a main ingredient of the foods you prepare? Maybe you should write a cookbook. 😉

  30. Lei says:

    Ugh, thanks for reminding me of the chomping! I get to do that again?! Woohoo!

    So sorry for your pain… you’re a good mommy, hanging in there and getting him what you feel is best for both of you…


  31. Heth says:

    Breast milk smoothies. Not gonna see that one on the menu at TCBY are ya?

  32. Alissa says:

    dude. go you. yer my idol. chomping on the boobies is NOT permitted here either.

  33. Catez says:

    Hello Mrs. Daring Young Mom! The problem is the goldfish without a doubt. Get some piranha – way more exciting and bound to work up anyone’s thirst. Pirnahas are a boy thing. (I haven’t actually tried this – it’s a new theory).

  34. Heidi says:

    Perhaps Magoo is even more brilliant than we all imagined. Maybe he read the posts awhile back about breasts being “the other white meat” and is responding accordingly…

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