Selfish by Nature

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Having studied English in college, I fancy myself an observer of all things linguistical. I’ve often wondered about the order kids learn certain words. Here are a few examples that I find very telling:

“No” before “Yes”
“Up” before “Down”
“Now” before “Later”
“Mine” before “Yours”
“Dad” before “Mom” (even if they really mean Mom)
“Out” before “In”
“Go” before “Come”
“Me” before “You”
“Baby” before “What would you like to do today mother?”

I also wanted to let you know that the Daring Young Scientists are working very hard to discover the genetic mutation which has caused Magoo to start walking like this:

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22 Responses to Selfish by Nature

  1. Margaret says:

    ooh! first comment on DYM’s blog – I feel like I’ve won an award! …or something…

    But what I wanted to say is MAGOO IS SOOOO CUTE! ANd I think the DY Scientists might want to check into their baboon lineage. Or stop watching so much Lion King. Isn’t that sort of a Rafiki-type walk??

  2. Grammy says:

    Scientists — Schmientists. He crawls like that because he just feels like it. The same reason they say all the negative or demanding words first. Hey the world can be a negative place when you can only see stuff from the knees down and every time you discover something interesting, the large parental type people tell you “No.” and take it away.

  3. Adam says:

    Wrong. It predates rafiki. I distinctly remembering mowgli from the jungle book doing that walk. wither way, it’s gotta be african…or disney.

  4. Amber says:

    At least he’s taking some semblance of our animal friends. What I don’t get are kids who scoot! My friend has an 18-month-year old who still only scoots everywhere he goes. Oh, and only says “No” and “Up” (in accordance with your theory).

  5. Magoo is too cute! I agree that Mogli from Jungle Book walked that way, that’s who I thought of! I enjoy your blog very much, your posts bring a smile to my face!

  6. Heidi says:

    Have you considered having Magoo tested for Wheelbarrowitis?

  7. elliespen says:

    Good grief, such cuteness should really not be legal.

    Yeah, the whole time Magoo was crawling there I was hearing the elephant marching song from the Jungle Book. Have you noticed how similar the names Mowgli and Magoo are? Coincidence? I think not!

  8. jessica says:

    Crawling takes so many weird forms, no? The brand Magoo has adopted is super normal (and absolutely cute – if not a little strange to watch 🙂 and is published in lots of baby books. Some babies never even do a “regular” crawl, opting for the Disney-bum-in-the-air-Magoo crawl right from the get-go. My oldest, on the other hand, rolled everywhere he wanted to go until he was nine months old. And he certainly learned “no” first (and “daddy” for that matter).

  9. Leah says:

    Hehe. My baby, 8 months old, said mama first!

  10. Heth says:

    “Ooh, oobee doo
    I wanna be like you hoo hoo.
    I wanna walk like you,
    Talk like you, too hoo hoo….”

    Aw Magoo, you little Jungle Book monkey. You are way too cute.

  11. Karen says:

    Love the mutated crawl. That is so stinkin’ cute.

  12. Nantie Meg says:

    You told me it looked like a bear walking, I’m thinking a little less bear and a little more gorilla.

    Who said he could grow up so fast?

  13. Caryn says:

    Not only did I enjoy this post, but I want to thank you for inadvertantly advertising DropShots. I’ve been meaning to post a small home video to a blog post, and this just might do it for me.

  14. irene says:

    Magoo is too cute!! Awwww… *melts*

  15. Becky says:

    So cute! My little guy walked like that, as well! I loved it!

  16. surcie says:

    Is he not the cutest? I love that little furrowed brow, too. And yeah, they always say “Dada” first, but that’s just because D is easier for them than M. They MEAN “Mama.”

  17. Liz says:

    did I miss something or was there supposed to be sound? Anyways, no sound did not diminish Magoo’s cuteness. I loved his nodding “no” while he was on all fours. And my niece crawled like that, never on hands and knees. I’ve never seen anyone else until now do that!

  18. krista says:

    That is the best crawling ever!! Hahaha. Awesome.

  19. Eleisha says:

    My cousin’s daughter crawled like Magoo. She didn’t like the feel of the carpet on her knees…so she compromised and carwled on feet and hands. It was very entertaining!

  20. krista says:

    yeah, um. I came back to watch it again. Hilarious.

  21. The bum in the air walk. how AAH-WAY-SO-MAY!

  22. krista says:

    I don’t even know if you will see this comment- but I am back, for the third time (this time to show my husband) how cute this video is.

    I love the part where he is deciding which way to go, he looks into one room, looks at the hall, looks into one room, looks at the hall, then finally heads down the hall.

    Kathyrn, he is so cute.

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