Observations of Note

One of the first times I read Chris’s blog, she was talking about a horror story that unfolded when her family decided to use their hot air popper for the first time. I laughed so hard at the way she told the story, but especially at the observations she made about the descriptions on the popper’s packaging.

Recently the Daring family has made some observations that I think are worthy of note.

alienWhile reading Hush Little Alien for the eleventy bazillionth time the other night, Laylee stopped me, appalled. “No mommy. That’s NOT RIGHT! That guy has THREE ARMS!” This exclamation was followed by a face that clearly said, “This is the most ridiculous children’s story EVER conceived by a nincompoop of a writer in the history of our universe.”

She apparently has no problem with the people being green, capturing astronauts to use as play-things, melting things with laser beams, destroying highly expensive government surveillance equipment, or the existence of the FOURTH arm.

portableTonight Dan noticed the label on the Bubble Solution Collection and Storage Unit for our Battery Operated Wind Generating Bubble Gun. When we originally purchased this life saving device, we had no idea that besides being a boon to us, saving hours and hours of jaw-breaking, bubble-blowing exhaustion, the device was also “portable.”

All this for only $1.99? I’m so glad Dan took the time to read the labeling correctly. Now we know that if we’re ever on the go, we can take the BSCSU for our BOWGBG with us anytime, anywhere. It will always be there, like State Farm or AAA or the whining…. It almost brings a tear.

dairyDan made another interesting observation regarding this milk carton and the fact that someone must have failed their 3rd grade food group test.

I know the government recently came out with a “new food pyramid.” Did they really crown eggs and butter as the new staples of dairy-dom?

This little ad is on the back of all our milk cartons. Maybe they think advertising milk on a milk carton is redundant, but what about yogurt, cheese and ice cream? Since when did they become the redheaded stepchildren of the dairy group?

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19 Responses to Observations of Note

  1. blackbird says:

    We have a Star Wars helmet – (cause we are geeky like that) and the helmet has a warning sticker inside it, which one would expect as it is a fake plastic helmet.
    But the sticker says:
    Not intended as safety equipment.
    Do not tie helmet to head.
    Do not use during skateboarding.
    Do not look directly into sun.

  2. Jeana says:

    Okay, Kathryn, do you ever get tired of hearing this “You are sooo funny!”

    Also, about the dairy thing, I have one that’s even dumber. I was telling someone I thought my daughter might have a dairy allergy because she seemed to have a reaction to milk; I was cutting cheese, yogurt, etc out of her diet to find out. This woman could not understand why I was still feeding her eggs.

    I know they’re in the same section of the grocery store, and they both come from the farm. But for allergy purposes I’m just gonna rule out the ones that come from the same ANIMAL, ‘kay? Just things that come from a lactating cow.

  3. Papa says:

    Having spent many an hour churning butter from cream when I was just a wee boy, I can agree with butter in the dairy category, but eggs??? I don’t think so DYM!!!

    (DYM…. TIM…. get it?????)

  4. Chris says:

    So funny.

    I like the one we had recently that said to take the baby out of the portable dining chair before folding it up.

  5. Amber says:

    As a former writer (sometimes technical) I am amazed at what idiots some campaigns are! I just received something from Pampers today that details weekly tips for your pregnancy. One of the “tips” was to make sure to empty your bladder every time you go to the bathroom. What? Like I’m going to hang onto a few precious drops for my next trip in 20 minutes? Geeeeez….

  6. Goslyn says:

    Just wondering – when were eggs EVER in the dairy group? I wasn’t aware that cows laid eggs. Glad your milk carton educated me.

  7. Rachelle says:

    I don’t think eggs are dairy. I mean, sure they share the same case at the store, but so does Orange Juice. Doesn’t make it dairy. That’s just weird. I love warning labels. I love how my blow dryer tells me not to use it in the tub. I mean, c’mon. They take away all the fun.

  8. MommyMaki says:

    That milk carton is really funny. What were they thinking!!!

  9. Addie says:

    You can’t just call it a Dipping Cup! I’m imagining the meeting at ACME bubble gun company trying to decide what adjective to use on the packaging. If this was the best one, then what were the others? Red, large, oval shaped?

    And I thought everyone knew that the third arm was the abnormal one…not the fourth! Sheesh!

  10. Pam in Utah says:

    I’m glad Laylee likes that book. It almost didn’t get bought because I thought it JUST MIGHTTT be overthetop! Great pictures, though, even though there ARE too many arms! 🙂

  11. jenny says:

    girl, you totally make me laugh. 🙂

    and it looks like only the dipping cup is portable. i guess you’ll have to leave the bubble gun at home – too cumbersome.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I too get Smith Brothers delivered and I had to run to my fridge to check it out. How funny, I never noticed! I think they just want you to buy more!!! BUT, I can NEVER remember that milk has been delivered, could you imagine if I had ordered butter, eggs or ice cream? My little delivery box would be a freakin’ dairy mess!!! -Jen
    P.S. I got the link to your site from A Beautiful Mess

  13. Susan says:

    I took my sons to the park yesterday, and was entertaining myself reading the Playground Rules. Which included NO RUNNING.

    Um, sure! No running at the playground.

  14. SOooo. You’re raising a realist, are you!

  15. kfk says:

    Don’t knock Smith Brothers! I love that cute little cooler that sits on my doorstep. But, yeah, odd with the egg dairy campaign.

  16. Kage says:

    Yesterday as I left the UPS Store, I laughed to myself as the FedEx man opened the door for me and entered the store with a delivery. Maybe I ought to take my business to FedEx Kinkos down the block if the UPS don’t even trust their own.

  17. Lauren says:

    Oooooh, portable? Now why didn’t it say that on the outside of the box, now I have to go back to the store.

  18. Karen says:

    I SOOO love your new header!!!!!!

  19. Lee says:

    Too funny!! LOL about the aliens arm.

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