Baby Says “Heil” or “Live Long and Prosper”

Magoo has learned his first sign.

You say ”˜potato.’ He says ”˜blagooblablah.’
You wave ”˜hi’, he clicks his heels and salutes ”˜heil.’
Potato, blagooglablah, hi, heil
Let’s call the whole thing off.

Catchy, isn’t it?

spockTo give him the benefit of the Nazi doubt, his stiff outstretched arm of greeting could pass for some sort of Vulcan Spockish thing if he could learn to get the fingers right. He also doesn’t have a mustache, a love of marching, the ability to sprechen sie anything, or have totally crazy hair.

chiaHe has started to grow the equivalent of old man eyebrows all over his head. You know the inch-long curly hairs that look like you could just brush them away but they’re actually growing out of his head, like a Chia Pet where a few of the holes have been doused with fertilizer?

He also wears gingerbread pajamas in the middle of March and pink bibs. What can I say? This kid’s no slave to fashion.

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18 Responses to Baby Says “Heil” or “Live Long and Prosper”

  1. Catez says:

    So I shouldn’t be wearing gingerbread pyjamas in the middle of March? Thankyou. I’ll wear my Narnai ones instead. No fahion casualty here.

  2. Catez says:

    Narnia – i was reading it upside down on my pyjama pants at the time.

  3. Jeana says:

    I KNEW it, Kahtryn! I KNEW you were trying to take over the world! Now you’re raising your own dictator! Before I know it I’ll find myself escaping to Switzerland with my singing children! (Guess I better start those music lessons soon…)

  4. Grammy says:

    eyebrows growing all over his head? Where do you come up with these things? I want to kiss that big old melon head all over his “little tiny hairs”.

    You, as I recall, went bald from the bottom up. Leaving you with about 6″ hair all over the top and nothing on the sides at all – a reverse mullet, if you will. That was adorable, too!

  5. Heth says:

    Little brothers and pink bibs. Love it.

  6. Goslyn says:

    ROFL. Heil, Magoo, the great and powerful. Oh so funny. His hair will catch up eventually. Tom’s kind of came in all of a sudden, but he went through about a week of the “eyebrow hair” phenomenon.

  7. andrea says:

    I, too, wear gingerbread pyjamas and pink bibs in the middle of March. Ya got a problem with that?!?!?!?!

  8. GiBee says:

    Awe — shucks — he sounds simply adorable. Long curls, stiff arm, gingerbread pjs, pink bibs and all! And if his feet are bare… all the better. You know how it goes with baby piggies!

  9. HolyMama! says:

    i’m sorry, Kathryn, but Grammy just totally cracked me up and made me forget waht i was going to say. I repeat (and yeah, I HAVE to, ’cause it’s too funny)”You on the other hand when bald from the bottom up,” a lovely statement even further improved by her summation of ‘a reverse mullet.’ OH MY GOSH. She. IS. Too. Funny. Must be where you get it.

  10. Rachelle says:

    We need pics of these eyebrows. I won’t believe it untul I see it.

  11. hehe!!
    But does he have a Mr. Blagooblablah Head?

  12. Bobita says:

    My baby, 10-months-old…his first words were not Mama, Dada or any such thing. They were An-Doo. His big brother’s name! In fact, he loves his big brother so much that he ACTUALLY CALLS OUT FOR HIM WHILE SLEEPING!!!! He sleep talks!

    And, third baby that he is…wears the left-over everythings. Pink bibs, flowered dresses…whatever happens to be within reach!!

  13. emlouisa says:

    I always swore I would never let my kids wear out of season clothing, such as snowmen in July and such. That was before I had kids.

    My two year old can often be found wearing “50% Naughty, 50% Nice” Christmas pajamas that he got LAST Christmas. They don’t even cover his belly these days but I am too cheap (or lazy) to buy him new ones.

  14. Kristen says:

    I’d like to think of the ASL “hi” as more of a salute or a nice British “Top of the morning to ya”…

  15. HLH says:

    EL had Hitler hair for the longest time. It was short on the bottom and sides and really long on the top! IF we got her amd Magoo together then we’d really be in trouble!

  16. Adam says:

    sig hiel to the oscar man. he can’t do the stache yet though

  17. Lauren says:

    A tiny Nazi wth old man eyebrows for hair truely and adorable word picture. He sounds just precious, in avery old hitleresque sort of way.

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