Bob has Made His Choice

And it looks like I will be going to prom with my cousin Floyd again this year. (It’s okay. He likes the mullet.) I know the point of these awards is to gain exposure and new reads and readers and that has been accomplished, in a big way.

After over a month of waiting to see what would happen, I had convinced myself that I didn’t care if I won or even placed in the top three. Well, I thought wrong. It’s sort of fun to win….and sort of not as much not to. I would be lying if I didn’t admit I feel a little humdrum not to be standing on the podium today. Ah, well. There’s still a big baby in me somewhere (no I’m not pregnant!) who needs a swift kick in the pants.

It’s been a great experience though and I’m so glad Caryn found my site and liked it enough to send in a nomination. She’s long been one of my favorite reads as well.

What I’ve learned through awards processes (pronounce – ‘pro-sess-eez’) during the past 6 months:

1. I can win Christian awards.
2. I cannot hold onto Christian awards.
3. Some people will always like me.
4. There are more good people in the world than the other kind.
5. You can make it pretty far in the BoBs with a few wisecracks and a floating head.
6. You can’t make it all the way to the top with a few wisecracks and a floating head.

I’m pretty sure this is the end of the awards line for my little blog. I’m not edgy, deep, or experienced enough to be a contender in the bigger contests and that’s okay.

Now that the pressure’s off and the twinge has subsided, maybe I can get down to some serious kick-butt blogging – mommy-style.

Thanks to everybody who voted and encouraged me. It’s been a ride.

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20 Responses to Bob has Made His Choice

  1. Heather says:

    I can’t BELIEVE Suburban Turmoil won. It just goes to show you what these contests are looking for. That site scares me into hiding in my room. I need my blankie.

    I’d have voted for you every day if I could have. You rule.

  2. Lucinda says:

    Well, I think you rock. And Heather, my site scares me too. In fact, I’m hiding in my room right now.

    I’m glad I met you and you can count me in as a new reader, thanks to BoB!! πŸ™‚

  3. Shannon says:

    Once again, Kathryn, you are just a class act, all the way around. You win in my book!

  4. Alissa says:

    for what it’s worth. i found you through the BoBs. and i love your blog.

  5. Catez says:

    It’s February and awards are still going on?

    Anyway – you know you are a winner in my book. Awards are good for getting new readers and bringing blogs some attention I think.

    Congrats to all involved.
    Forgiveness to those who did not even nominate me.

  6. mom says:

    I’ve always thought you were the greatest. And I still think I’m right! I’m really quite crazy about that pieces of cheese girl too!

  7. jessica says:

    Bob’s an idiot.

    Actually, no offense to the winners or Bob himself, but you gotta love DYM. Come on people, where’s the love?

    Oh yeah, you give her lots of great comments everyday. And in blogdom (aside from licking your computer screen), that’s pretty much the most love a person can give, no?

    Feel better DYM. We think your wisecracks and floating head are absolutely all-the-way-to-the-top material.

  8. Susan says:

    I want to give your floating head a big sweet kiss (as my sons say). I wish there were more people–on the Internet and in the world–like you, DYM. And I wish you didn’t live so darn far from me. Curses on my decision to move away from Seattle without ever meeting you.

    You’re the best, you know.

  9. Chris says:

    I love the floating head!

    You are so much more gracious than I am. Honestly.

    It’s been fun, sort-of, but I think the real fun is the forging of new friendships.

    And I’m sorry about the money, I would have tried harder had I known;-)

  10. Moonface says:

    i cant believe you didnt win either. i would have voted for you too if i could have. we all love your blog… cheer up πŸ™‚

  11. Queen Beth says:

    Well, at least you’re still in the top 10 in BlogTopSites…something I will never be able to say! πŸ™‚

    It’s not about winning, it’s about how many lives you touch. And you touch many Kathryn.

  12. Mel says:

    Well, at least you get to be a finalist. I was nominated once or twice, but I never win ANYTHING, least of all respect!

  13. Kelly says:

    I think that it is just plain awesome that you got nominated and then made it to the finals. I mean really… Just how many Mommy blogs are out there? SOOOOO Many! You’ve gotta know that your blog kicks. You just hafta!

  14. RGLHM says:

    You did great! If they would have let me vote every day it may have been a whole different story. You’re a winner in my eyes!

  15. Cee says:

    Sorry you didn’t win. You were robbed!

  16. Addie says:

    Sorry you didn’t win, but I’m glad to find a great new blog to read!

  17. Caryn says:

    Sorry you didn’t end up winning, but I hope it was still a good experience overall. Hey, at least you got nominated (and in several categories and by several people!), which is something, right? Oh, and thanks for the kind words about my blog. πŸ™‚

  18. Girl I love your wise cracking floating head! I like your humor on things. I am on the deep side and always looking for a reason for every freaking thing. So you are a breath of fresh air from my blog. Ha ha I just put down my own. I didn’t really want to get involved in the whole Bob thing because I read great writers every day that aren’t even mentioned. But I am kind of backwards like that. Just know I am reading. When you want to read deep come on over. I will give you your fill.

  19. Liz says:

    I guess I should have posted my ‘vote for DYM’ post every day.

    We should have sold t-shirts too.

  20. bon says:

    ahhhh well. Have I told you how much I dislike the word “edgy” and darn near everything that defines itself as “edgy?” I do. Dislike it, that is.

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