To Lighten Things Up a Bit

I will do a meme from a cool blogging momma who tagged me the other day, MyNewFriend at Blest With Sons.

Thanks for encouraging me to move on and post something else tonight. Whew! What a day. I was out all evening with Karli, listening to some beautiful music and feeling a great sense of renewal. I love the feeling of true peace. It’s especially nice after a day like today.

Here goes the Seven Sevens…

Seven things I hope to do before I die:
1. Raise an eternal family who love each other, love the Lord, are smart, compassionate, understanding and happy – and good at playing Rook, the Rook skills are definitely a must.
2. Complete a feature length documentary film and submit it to a major festival (I’m sort of working on this one but too scared to reveal any details).
3. Write and publish a non-fiction book (a novel too but I’m more fascinated by non-fiction).
4. Travel the world, France, Australia, Ireland, India, The Holy Lands, your mom’s house, etc.
5. Show Dan the kind of love and support he showers on me daily.
6. Invent something really cool, make a bazillion dollars and randomly pay off people’s mortgages anonymously.
7. Become an expert kayaker.

Seven things I cannot do:
1. Kayak well.
2. Keep from laughing when DY Dad does his “crazy Monster’s, Inc. face.”
3. Get a speeding ticket. I’m not saying I never speed, but somehow I never get ticketed. The one time I was pulled over, I accidentally evaded the police. I’ll explain more later.
4. Teach Junior High students. I have no patience for this age and too many painful memories, being a former brace-faced, four-eyed, band-member, straight-A-student in grades 7-9.
5. Spell to save my life. In college, I was almost denied a secretarial position because I failed a spelling test. I convinced the person in charge of hiring that I did indeed know how to press the spell-check button.
6. Be rude to telemarketers. I can joke about it, but when I’m on the phone with them, I just don’t have the heart. I try to let them down easily and politely.
7. Let my kids boss me around.

Seven things that attract me to my spouse (significant other, best friend):
1. His patience with my semi-spastic nature
2. His calming presence
3. His love for our children
4. How seriously he takes everything he does. He is the most dedicated person I know. One of his favorite quotes is from jazz musician and composer Wynton Marsalis, “Invest yourself in everything you do. There’s fun in being serious.”
5. His interest in everything I do and his burning desire to help me achieve my goals and even my craziest dreams.
6. His gorgeous blue eyes and his back (it’s true, I love his back).
7. His ability to be still and see the goodness in everyone.

Seven things I say often
1. Like….
2. For the LOVE!
3. (fingers snapping)…umm…What were we talking about?
4. Cheese. (This word has many uses. Ex — I’m tired as cheese. What the cheese are you talking about? Don’t lay there like a piece of dead cheese.)
5. Do you want a story tonight? Okay, I’m gonna count to three…..
6. That’s too bad. Those are the consequences (yes, she’s only 2 but she talks about consequences and fully understands what that means).
7. I love you. (I say this to my family members every time I talk to them in person and on the phone, which is often since none of them live around here. Lately, I’ve started accidentally saying it as I say goodbye to my friends. Un peu embarrassing. Not that I don’t love them, I just don’t like to say it so casually and randomly to people I’m not related to.)

Seven books or book series I love:
1. The Scriptures
2. Annie Dillard books (specifically Pilgrim at Tinker Creek. Go read it NOW!)
3. C.S. Lewis, The Narnia books, Mere Christianity and A Grief Observed, to name a few.
4. George Elliot and Jane Austen (I think I can safely glump them together)
5. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee
6. King Lear by Shakespeare
7. Recently I have loved These Is My Words by Nancy Turner, a frontier romance, fun reading, not classic literature.

Seven movies I could watch over and over again:
1. Ordet — my favorite film of all time (strange timing, it concerns two small-town religions battling over doctrine, only to be healed by a miracle from God)
2. The Man Who Planted Trees
3. Babette’s Feast
4. Lord of the Rings
5. A&E’s Pride and Prejudice
6. Sleepless in Seattle
7. White Christmas

Seven people I want to join in this “Seven Sevens” meme:
1. Karli of Eulallia – my blogging mentor and the best pumpkin pie sharer and comforter I’ve had all day
2. Moonface of Midnight Musings – the best quiet chronicle of a satisfied life I’ve found so far
3. Stephanie of Princess Mom – funny as heck and puts it all out there for us to laugh our way through motherhood
4. Kim of Life in a Shoe – a real inspiration, awesome mother and kick-butt blogger
5. Heather of Pieces of Cheese – If I make a list, she’d better be on it. She rocks.
6. Liz of My Corner of the World – a sweet and encouraging future daring young mom
7. RGLHM of The Reluctant Good Little Homemaker – a great new blogger I’m glad to have discovered

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12 Responses to To Lighten Things Up a Bit

  1. Thanks for your great blog, DYM. You’ve inspired me to step into this world a bit on my own… I’m afraid my first post is a bit lengthy, though. I’ll work on paring it down.

    Thanks for lightening things up!

  2. Mom says:

    That was fun and I learned some new things about you this morning. You never cease to amaze me. Kyaking? Where the heck did that come from? Love you!

  3. LFierge says:

    Is this a tag? I’ve never been tagged before.

    *Extreme look of surprise and delight on my face! Wide grinning!*

  4. Oh you thought you were in trouble before… But now you’ve got me coming after you with a quill pen!!!

    Lump someone in with Jane Austen?!!!! You Literary Heretic!

    hee hee hee

  5. RANDI says:

    I am glad to see that you are “up and running” again! Sometimes you just have to go forward, right?

    Kayaking is a big sport here in Colorado. Lots of tourists come every year to try it in our nice, big river. Personally, I would be afraid of flipping upside down and drowning (I am a non-swimmer/non-water person)! But best of luck to you!!! 😉

  6. Technical stuff says:

    There seems to be some kind of bug/browser incompatibility with your site.

    When using Apple’s Safari browser, every time I click on a link it opens to a blank page, then I have to hit reload to see what the page is. It works, and I can see what the page is, but it does cause problems from time to time.

    It works just fine on Firefox for Mac, but I have no idea why it wouldn’t work on Safari. In any case, it’s probably no big deal (there aren’t too many Safari users out there), but I thought you might llke to know.

  7. Wendy says:

    first of all – I found your blog through my friend Liz (lfierge) and have been entertained by your work!! Second of all – one of my all time favorite books is “To Kill a Mockingbird” also – just had to put that in there! =) Keep up the great work!

  8. RGLHM says:

    Give me 7 days to think of answers. I might be copying and pasting some of your answers:-)

  9. Karen says:

    I must live in a vacuum. What’s a meme?

  10. I was kind of wondering what a “meme” was myself (in French, même means the same, so I was like, “the same what?”)

    There’s a pretty interesting article on it here:

  11. rebecca says:

    i found your site on liz’s site also. it is awesome!!

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