Ducky, this HAS to Stop — Part Deux

In the morning Ducky went AWOL.
Many tears were shed.
Many shrieks were heard.
Much searching occurred.
Hours later, the table was cleared for lunch:






Much rejoicing.

For the LOVE! Ducky, you’re usually a pretty good kid. You are almost as valuable to this family’s happiness as my biological children so I try to treat you well. The massages, the bubble baths, the trips to Madrid…..

Would you please knock it off with the in-under-concealed-beneath routine? You’re driving me mental!

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Laylee has picked up the phrase, “for the love.”

Example: I was unbuckling her from her car seat when she asked very sweetly, “Oh, for the love Mommy, can you please carry me up?”

Ooooo, in other news, we may put a real offer on a van tomorrow. It may not be the pimped out one I will be dreaming of tonight but it will be sweet and have plenty of room to haul Ducky and his entourage anywhere they want to hide. Lookout Grand-people! Here we come.

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10 Responses to Ducky, this HAS to Stop — Part Deux

  1. blackbird says:

    DAMN that ducky.

    and s/he’s so cute too.

    hey…I need a pet collar….

  2. Jess says:

    LOL too funny! Fortunately my one son that cares about stuffed animals cares about ALL of them so if one gets lost or hidden for awhile he just chooses another. I think I’d have about a dozen “duckies” in stock just in case…LOL

  3. Kelly says:

    Hilarious that your two year old uses the phrase, “for the love.”

  4. Crystal says:

    LOL!!! That was such a great post, so cute about your kid too!! I love that phrase, I want my kids to say it too!!

    Anyway, I found you while checking out the finalists for the Blog of Beauty Awards. Thanks for making it easy for me on which way to cast my vote!!!!


  5. Crystal says:

    Not that I didn’t love the other finalists they were both so funny and I LOVED them too, so really it was a hard choice.

    Ah nuts, now I’ve gone and made a fool of myself and I only just meet you.



  6. surcie says:

    No wonder she’s so in love with Ducky. I would be, too!

  7. Karen says:

    Blog of Beauty competition? Really? Where can I find this? Something to aspire to next year . . .

    Congrats on the minivan! Woohoo!

  8. Mom says:

    Joy of joys. Duckie is found – AND – before nap time too! It’s funny what they get attached to. For you it was the woobie, all the way. I’m glad you loose the duck but keep good track of the children. Way to go!

  9. Heather says:

    I pray that Beanie never bonds with an animal, so we don’t have to weep over it’s antics. Sheesh. I love that Laylee. Bring her to me! Bring her, I say!

  10. Kim C. says:

    I have to ask – where do you put the tag to change your blog background? I tried every promising looking spot in my template and nothing changed. Argh!

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