IV Fluids are Cold and So am I

I think I might be dying. Last night I came down with a wicked stomach bug. After hours of fluid loss, body aches and chills, I called my insurance provider’s nurse advice hotline and she told me to go in to the ER or Urgent Care for rehydration. So, they tested me for dehydration and our whole family spent 4 hours in the Urgent Care while they pumped me full of 3 liters of IV fluids. Magoo had to go 6.5 hours with no food b/c he will only take the breast and the nurses wouldn’t let me give him what little fluid I had left.

The fluid was so cold and I just laid there and felt the cold spread over my whole body. The nurses kept complaining about how hot it was and even called maintenance to come fix the heat problem. I laid there with a sweater and a blanket on, shivering. For the grand finale, I got a shot in le rear to help control the nausea. Overall, not the best Sunday on record.

Luckily DY Dad is taking the day off work tomorrow. He’s spent all day watching the kids, bringing me small sips of liquid, folding the laundry and cleaning the kitchen. He is a great little nurse.

Man, I pray no one else in the family gets this. For now, I’ve put all of us in lock-down mode. I don’t want one of us to unwittingly pass the bug to someone else outside the family.

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11 Responses to IV Fluids are Cold and So am I

  1. Kelly says:

    I really hope you feel better soon!
    I’ve been sick this weekend as well… but yours sounds way worse than mine. You are very lucky to have such a nice hb!

  2. Moonface says:

    Oh poor you. Hope you are feeling all better soon.

  3. blackbird says:


    Hope you come around quickly!

  4. Karen says:

    Rest up and get well!

    My son had that bug back in August and spent the night in the ER doing what you did. 4 hours and $750.00 later he was back in business.

    That is one evil stomach bug! I’ll pray for your little ones.

  5. the other grandma says:

    So glad you were able to get rehydrated, and knew to call for advice. Hope today is a much better day and that the bug knows when it is not welcome (now!) Speaking of emercency services, I hear there is a sale on washable wool blankets at emergency essentials for something like 12$ for twin size. Just wondering if you have some for the car or if you’re set. Maybe Santa could get some for you if you’re wanting some? 🙂 I think the web site is beprepared.com and I will check it out later today.

  6. the other grandma says:

    Also, I am glad you have such a nice spouse, too.

  7. surcie says:

    I hope you’ll feel all better soon, Mama. In this area, a nasty stomach flu is really going around. Bleh!

  8. Get Better!! Please. Pretty Please!

  9. Karli says:

    Sending lots of non-puking vibes your way…

  10. bon says:

    Ooooo… I’m gonna stop feeling sorry for m’self right now! Get better!

  11. Heather says:

    Get better, SOON. You can do it!

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