I Will Take Your Used Bedroom Set

Yes, that’s right. I am willing to take one for the team and obscond with your exquisite bedroom set. You know, the extra one you ordered from Pottery Barn “just in case” and now have no idea what to do with?

We’re still in the free furniture stage of our marriage. I’m not really sure if we’ll ever exit this stage as long as our friends continue to be so generous. We are sort of the babies on the block and have awesome friends who’d rather share their belongings than sell them when they upgrade.

We don’t yet have the money to buy the pieces we REALLY want and we don’t want to waste money buying half-steps, so we just go for free, and a lot of this free stuff IS what we really want. We’ve scored bigtime!

Oak dining table and chairs — The Matsonites
Bookshelves, end tables, dresser, reclining rocker, file cabinet and piano — Dan’s parents
Office furniture, side table, chest of drawers — Hi and Ri
Dresser, crib, bookshelf, our mattress and box spring (from wedding budget), handmade hope chest — my parents
Toddler bed — J.K. not Rowlings
Changing table — Leese
Armoire for children’s books — Target gift cards from our wedding
First free couch — Jules
Upgraded free couch (sorry Jules) — Dan’s work classified adds
Entertainment armoire and TV — Jud Ed

Now don’t be hatin’! We’ve actually purchased a few things here and there, several bookcases, storage armoires, old furniture we’ve refurbished, slipcovers, etc.

One thing no one has found it in their hearts to give us is a bedroom set or a headboard, which brings me to a point — Friday Show and Tell.Here’s my bed — with a few “embellishments” courtesy of my kindergarten-level abilities with Paint:


I would like to mention that our beautiful quilt was also a wedding present. Sadly patriots, you will not find another star or stripe of any kind scattered throughout our room, not for lack of free gifts but because I don’t want to sleep in the Fourth of July (you know, fireworks and all).

If you’d like to see any improvements to this lovely picture, please send bedroom set — STAT!

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9 Responses to I Will Take Your Used Bedroom Set

  1. blackbird says:

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  2. Mark Pettus says:

    I remember when our house was decorated in Early Married.

    I’ve seen pictures of furniture just sitting on the curb waiting to be picked up. I think it was in New Orleans…

  3. Becky says:

    HMMMM Katie! Your house sounds very much like our house.

  4. Stephanie says:

    Hmmm… I am still waiting on my free bedroom set, so after I get mine, I will let you know if I get an extra one.

  5. Karen says:

    Love the creative headboard and personalized throw pillow. Good stuff. Thanks for the link! I am SO honored!

  6. Anna says:

    Gorgeous quilt! I love to quilt.

    Our home is still decorated in Early Married, though we have bought some furniture since buying a real house last December. It’s going slowly, though. If it weren’t for friends who’ve bought new furniture and no longer need theirs, garage sales, and classified ads, I’m not sure what we’d do.

  7. jak says:

    I love this post- i love your bed the quilt-very beautiful-we have a couple pieces that have been given to us that we will keep forever-your a lucky girl-miss Katherine

  8. jak says:

    ok that-that was dumb-I ment kathryn-and I knew that! Have a great weekend

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