Please Don’t Make me Go To Bed

In a moment Dan will come in and he will say its bedtime and I really should go. We have to get up for church at ridiculous o’clock in the morning to get everyone ready and out the door by 8:30am. But I don’t wanna go to bed!

Do you ever feel like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day when he and Andie MacDowell stay up all night so that the inevitable next day will not come, he will not have to face that Sonny and Cher song, Ned Ryerson (Bing!), Punxatony Phil and all those crazy people one more day?


Sometimes I feel like that. I was at a party tonight, the ending to a fun but much too short Saturday. I did not want to leave. We were the last people there, they were putting their kids to bed, our kids were on the verge of major meltdown and I just planted myself and refused to leave. It was 3 hours past Laylee and Magoo’s bedtime when we finally shuffled out of there, the last guests at a really fun party.

I just had this feeling of dread. If we leave now, then we have to go home to our messy house. If we go home to our messy house, then we have to clean it and go to bed. If we go to bed, then we’ll have to wake up, go to church, have a nice but much too short Sunday, go to bed again, get up again……and the weekend will be OVER!!! AHHHHH!!!! Then that Sonny and Cher song will come on the radio, we’ll have to get up, Dan will go to work and we’ll start all over again. No, we definitely cannot leave this party!

I am addicted to weekends. Today:

-Got up and went to a women’s church service day with Magoo and Karli.
-Heard some great talks and beautiful music, got all stoked to do better and be nicer to people.
-Took Magoo home for a nap and returned to women’s thingy.
-Called Karli on her cell phone from within the church because I couldn’t find her.
-Sewed 3 teddy bears for orphans (No, I am not making this up).
-Ate a boxed lunch salad with friends where we taught my good friend L, who grew up in Honduras, how to play MASH to foretell her future. She will marry David Letterman (not her first choice), live in an apartment, drive a limousine and have 4 children (she is married, turns 40 next week, has two kids, lives in a nice house and drives a sweet minivan).
-Got into a discussion about the merits of Oprah and whether or not she ever makes anonymous donations.

-Drove home with Karli by way of the library (where I picked up the book Blackbird recommended for Laylee) , the post office (where I mailed a frugal reader book) , the DQ where we ordered frosty treats to balance out the salads.
-Read Laylee library book multiple times.
-Cuddled with my shmoop.
-Went and got my hair cut short because it’s still falling out and now I look like a short-haired witch.
-Cuddled with my shmoop.
-Made a yummy cream-cheesy sausage dip for L’s 40th birthday party.
-Socialized with great friends while the kids played and were read to by adorable older children.
-Turned on the light in the room where Laylee was playing the piano and she said, “No. The light has to stay off. I’m playing Dark Music.” This may be one of my favorite things she’s ever said.
-Told Laylee it was time to go home and she said, “No, I have to play some lots of songs.”
-I said, “Okay, you can play one lots of songs and then we have to go home.”
-Laylee said, “Please, can I play 5 lots of songs?”
-I couldn’t resist so she played a song with words something like, “then, I go to nursery and na na ra ma so shusi ma na oh oh and there was bugs on the floo-oor. The End.”
-I said, “Okay, that’s one lots of songs.” And she corrected me, “Nope. That was lots of 5 songs. Let’s go!” and hopped down.

Now we’re home, Dan’s in bed and I’m typing until my head stops spinning, thinking about the wonderful minutiae of my day. Laylee is still talking to Ducky. She’s telling him, “You don’t hit people. You don’t hit people. You just go to bed and eat lunch and have a star-shine, and have a wall, yeah a wall, and a nightlight and a room, and a diaper to wear on your bum, a diaper to wear when you’re a baby. The end. You are my little baby weeOOOOOOOO. We don’t hit people.”

Is it just me or does everyone want to keep baby monitors in their kids’ rooms indefinitely just so they can hear what they DO in there? Her conversations are fascinating.

Lately she’s been giving Ducky a lot more positive reinforcement than negative and that’s a relief, “You did a GOOD job Ducky. Does that make you feel glad? Does that make you feel glad if you’re obedient, Ducky?”

I wonder if I went to bed if it would make me feel glad. Hmmmm? Maybe so. My shmoop is in there…and my pillows.

OOOOOOHHHHH! By the way, you know you’ve “made it” in the internet world when you type the words — high waisted jeans- into msn search and your site is the TOP HIT! Yep, I’m famous for talking about mom jeans. Yippee!

And goodnight.

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8 Responses to Please Don’t Make me Go To Bed

  1. Karli says:

    I love that movie because it’s all about my birthday.

  2. blackbird says:

    What a day!
    WHAT a DAY!

    I want to come right over and talk and hear a story and and and…drink probably. Oh! and learn to play MASH so I can marry Harrison Ford.
    I always said I was having my 4th boy with him.

  3. Heather says:

    Love the stream of consciousness post. It reminds me exactly of how I feel sometimes at the end of the day. 🙂

  4. Anna says:

    I quite often put off going to bed. It just seems like such a pain to have to get up, for one, then to brush my teeth, floss, get water, make sure all the doors and windows are locked, etc. I really need to do all that before I sit down for the evening.

    This morning I was lying in bed thinking about how Monday’s coming up, and it will start all over again…

  5. you beat Oprah. you rock!! yeah high waisted pants.

    PS – how in the world did you find out about your newfound fame.

  6. Stephanie says:

    I love weekends too.

    They are always, sadly, too short.

  7. Kathryn DYM says:

    SB, I use a sitemeter and a statcounter that encourage me become obsessed with such things. I love knowing how people find my site. I could stay on there for hours. Thanks to Anna for sending me to the statcounter. Sitemeter does a better job with stats but charges extra to see which search terms were used to find you. Statcounter does search terms for free so I use both.

  8. Kelly says:

    I love “Groundhog Day”!! Anything in regard to that movie makes me laugh inside my head!

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