Good Morning, 6..2..3..5..Cookies, Cute Husband and a Cabinet

Laylee begins every day by waking up, closing her door so she won’t get caught being awake and then turning on her light and playing for about a half an hour. I can’t bring myself to go in there because it’s so cute to listen to her talk to herself. After a little while she ventures out where she finds me and says in a wide-eyed, head-shaking, I’m-so-surprised, can’t-believe-it-myself sort of voice, “I’m AWAKE!” She then runs to me. I pick her up in a huge hug and say, “Yay! Now we can eat breakfast and play!”

This is the way our day starts every morning that I’m up before her, which is more often now that I’m walking with Sandra again. Otherwise, the only difference is that when she finally comes out of her room, she comes into my bed and says, “I’m AWAKE! Please get up on the carpet Mommy.” This makes me feel like a lazy slacker piece-of-cheese mom so I’m trying to beat her in the wake-up department (beat, meaning win – not in the please call the authorities now sense of the word). It’s a goal.

I’m still cheap. I accepted my free gift of books and flashcards from Readers’ Digest Families and returned the one I had to pay for. Then I canceled my subscription. I hate when parents drill their kids relentlessly with flashcards but they’re fun for Laylee to play with and we made a game out of her telling Magoo what the different numbers were. Yesterday it went like this:

I show her a card – she responds.






I will give you a rare peek today at my husband and his complete adorableness. I try to limit these as not to make you weep with frustration at your own husbands’ lack of promise. So, Dan was trying to add my blog feed to his aggregator at work. Somehow Blogger had a bug (I know everyone is now shocked! Blogger, have a bug? NO!!) that was bringing up some other random blog when he typed in my address. He wanted to email them about the bug but they said he had to have a blogger account first. So he set up his own blogger site. Check his links and then try and tell me he’s not the cutest man on this planet.

Finally, my show and tell. Not much to see here. I keep most of my medicines and exciting things locked far away but here’s the unchanged-to-make-myself-look-cooler version of the cabinet. This is a weird one Blackbird, but very telling. Click on the picture to read the deets. Enjoy, folks.

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7 Responses to Good Morning, 6..2..3..5..Cookies, Cute Husband and a Cabinet

  1. blackbird says:

    three things.

    1. I got all excited that I was GONNA SEE a photo of the husband, because, as you know, MY HUSBAND IS THE CUTEST.
    And. There is no photo. But I do love his links.

    2. You should only be lucky enough to get all the design sponge hits and then set up ads and make THOUSANDS.

    3. We have deodorants we don’t like too. For a minute I thought – WE SHOULD HAVE A REJECTED DEODORANT TRADE!

    but no.

    I think there was a number 4. but I forgot it.

  2. Kelly says:

    i like the flashcard conversation! that is completely what i would have thought!
    also. i try to be up before my kids and it never happens. consequently i am constantly feeling like the slacker cheese mom. i’ve been thinking of taking up yoga really early in the a.m. so i have a big expensive reason to get out of bed in the morning. i don’t know if i have that kind of stamina though.
    btw: will you ask your hb (or you can tell if you know) how he saved his browser screen as a picture? i can’t seem to figure it out.
    one more thing….
    i’m gonna do that medicine cabinet thing.(except i don’t have a medicine cabinet…. i’ll figure something out) a very telling meme. i’m all over it!

  3. Heather says:

    hmmmm. Nice cabinet. I’d be scared to show you mine. 🙂

  4. Kathryn says:

    Kelly, Thanks so much for the offer of help. I will use you. Oh yes. Have you been using old-school html or CSS? So, for a screen capture, you get the screen set up the way you like it and then hit alt-printscreen. That puts a picture of your screen in the clipboard. Then open up paint, click control-v and save it as an image file.

  5. Thanks a bunch. I now don’t feel so bad for doing exactly the same offer and returning the book. I LOVE FREE STUFF!!!

  6. Becky says:

    Hey, I understand what little-C is talking about. I forget about everything that I’m doing when I see cookies too!!

  7. Kelly says:

    Thanks so much! I’ve been out of town this weekend and I just now had the time to sit down and do the blog thing… and your directions were exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!
    I use CSS (I hear that is what all the cool kids are doing) and I just finished the design for one of my sisters’ blogs… it’ll be up soon. Check it out and we’ll talk about your design!

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