Pewter, Fish, Roll and Bonk

tureenIt’s Official. We are old married people. We finally used (include in that returned or gave away) the last wedding gift from our marriage almost 4 years ago. Oh thou lovely pewter soup tureen, welcome to our family. With your help, I feel as though our marriage has now truly begun in earnest. You added so much class to our chile beans the other night that we can only ask ourselves why? Why have we not used you sooner? (besides the fact that you are purely decorative and pulling you out means washing yet another dish.)

We also have a new addition to our family. Jack the Beta Fish seems to be fitting in quite well. Before Dan and I were married we vowed never to have a cat or dog — too much work. I told him I could only make said blood-oath if he promised to be the one to tell little Timmy that he couldn’t have his heart’s one true desire. Dan said he had no problem with that. We’ll see how that all plays out as our “little Timmys” get older and more pitiful in their requests.

Today I took Little-C to the “mini-zoo” (read this PetCo) after finishing with our doctor’s appointment. Dr. Nancy asked Little-C if she ever went to the zoo and I thought, “Wow, it’s been a while.” So a quick stop to mini-zoo was in order. We said “hi” to the ferrets and parakeets, even the “so so cute” mice (trying to overcome a rodent phobia here) and ended up in the back with the Nemo fish.

She didn’t even have to ask. I just caved on my own.
C: “Look, it’s the FISHEEEEYS!”
Me: “Hey, Little-C, would you like a fish of your very own to take home?”
C: (eyes bugging out of her head, mouth dropping open, lets out a whisper) “yeesss”

new fishy

So she named him Jack, one of the names rejected in the hospital when Big-O was born. We had planned to name him Jack after Dan’s Grandpa but a nurse in the hospital was kind enough to say, “Yeah, Jack’s a great name. It’s really popular now. I bet almost half the boys born here get named that.” So, moving on we named our son after a major tire retail chain.

Speaking of the O, he is rolling around the living room as I type this, bonking into things.
Soothing and comforting by moi
“Roll, Roll, Roll, BONK!” I say
O laughs hysterically
I put him down
Repeat…..and fade……..

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4 Responses to Pewter, Fish, Roll and Bonk

  1. Stephanie says:

    The mini-zoo is better than the regulat zoo, quite frankly. And it’s free. We go there a lot. Our mini-zoo has puppies.

  2. Kathryn says:

    That is SWEET! No puppies or kitties at ours. Maybe it’s for the best, considering how attached I am getting to this fish. I swear it has a personality.

  3. Kelly says:

    Hi! New to your blog… we have a lot in common. One being that I just bought my son a betta fish too. He loves that thing. I, however, like you, think it has a personality. Every time I walk into the room the fish goes nuttso and thrashes around until I give in and feed it. I swear…. that fish knows me.

  4. SueeeuS says:

    I loved this story, especially this part:

    C: (eyes bugging out of her head, mouth dropping open, lets out a whisper) “yeesss”

    You captured the magic. 🙂

    p.s. I made a similar no pet oath years ago, and then my husband brought home a Betta one Valentine’s day. Tap water. Very easy care. Then we adopted a greyhound. Then we fostered several more. Then we adopted another… Just so you know, it all started with the Betta!!!

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