More Foods not to Share with 2-Year-Olds

I haven’t written about the kids in a few days because they’ve been so darn angelic that I didn’t want to make you sick or have you hate me because you’ve discovered my kids are better than yours. Yorching haters are no fun. So I have another story I can share today brought to you by Little-C being woken up prematurely from her nap by — she says — a “scary monster.”

So obviously I won’t share cookies, graham crackers or other multiple-bite foods with toddlers. It just gets too slimy and you never really know what the slime is. I also learned not to share drinks after watching her eating a cookie while drinking milk from a straw. The milk came up to her mouth white but receded a nice brownish color back down the straw.


But who knew that a bowl of grapes would be off limits too? After the nap today, she begged for grapes but wanted the whole bowl of them out of the fridge. I told her we could share and she agreed. All went well for the first few bites. She would take a grape and then I would take a grape, etc. Suddenly as I popped an average-looking grape into my mouth she let out a terrible wail. “NOOOOOOOO, that’s MY grape. You can’t eat my grape. I WAAAANNNNTTT it!”

What made this grape beloved above all others I’ll never know but there were a few other grapes in the bowl that had the same effect on her. It was like Russian roulette. I’d pop one in my mouth with C looking on and ……nothing. Phew! Another and another…..still safe. But then, “AAAAHHHHHHH! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! That was MYYYYY grape.” We’re talkin’ real bona fide tears my friends. And, I suppose, real bona fide emotions — for a two-year-old.

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