Garage Sale Side-note

So maybe I fall into one of those categories of crazy garage sale people. Where would you put a person who sells her own child’s toys while she’s asleep? Looking on eBay for more accessories for Little-C’s dollhouse, I noticed that people were making bank selling the things Little-C had just purchased for $2.00 total. One piece of furniture in particular already had 30 bids and was up to $58. I asked my husband if she would notice if that piece went missing and mommy was suddenly $60 richer and he said………..well anyway, he’s a lot nicer than me and she gets to keep all her stuff. For now. Dan says that when she’s 10 and doesn’t care anymore I can sell all of her belongings on eBay and that same item might be worth $100 by then. Maybe I can use the money to buy a tank of gas for our flying hybrid or something.

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One Response to Garage Sale Side-note

  1. Heather says:

    Those pictures are both utterly terrifying and hilarious! I love your writing style, my friend. You RULE!


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