Date of the Penguins

For our secret date my husband took me to see March of the Penguins, a documentary about penguin mating rituals and basically how much their lives bite. It was awesome. (Side note: I majored in documentary film in college and love this kind of thing so it was actually a very thoughtful idea for a surprise date) Did you know that father penguins sit on the egg for several months while the mothers go off the swim in the ocean and eat? They also have food reserves to feed the infant while the mother is away and they are the ones who hatch the egg. The penguins are very tender with each other, caressing and loving their mate and staying together for a full year before dropping each other like a rock. They teach the little babies how to walk and talk and the whole thing is pretty much adorable. I would highly recommend it to anyone who has not recently lost a child or gone through a messy breakup after a long relationship. You’d miss the cuteness factor and pretty much just leave theatre depressed. I on the other hand want to adopt all penguins currently living on the South pole and let them live in my fridge. Come to think of it, I should probably adopt the filmmakers as well because…dang is it cold up there.

The date was a hit and Big-O survived. We are still on strike from the bottle but we plan to continue negotiations tomorrow if I can think of anything new and exciting to bring to the table. We may have to bring in a mediator or some special incentives. Any ideas?

Just a thought about romance with a computer engineer for a husband – to commemorate our date and just to carry on with the week-o-surprises, Dan secretly took apart my laptop and implanted extra memory into it. He said that it was his gift to me instead of flowers. I’ll tell you what, the boy has brought me no shortage of flowers in the past and I hope that magnanimosity continues but it REALLY warms my heart to click on Outlook and have it open in fewer than 15 minutes. Danny – if you are reading this – you hit a hole in one this time. Thank you for teaching me about the wonderful world of “megs,” “bits,” “bites,” and optical mice. You rock my world.

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