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Tip Tuesday — Road Trip Giveaway

Shannon says everyone’s doing giveaways and maybe she’s right… Since moving to Seattle we’ve put thousands of miles on Vinny, driving back and forth to visit stubborn family all over the country who refuse to pick up stakes and move … Continue reading

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And the Winners Are…

The random winners of the Roadtrip Giveaway are April C. and Seabird. Congratulations and thanks to everyone for all the great tips! If for any reason they are unable to fulfill their duties as plastic tube winners, we’ll draw more … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Birthday Parties

”˜Tis the time of summer. Lots of people have birthdays in the summer. I think most of them are first or only children because after a mother’s had one third trimester during the hottest part of the year, she likely … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Summer Reading

Currently I am reading a PZ4 selection for my book club. I’ve never been much of a PZ4, never quite made it to a jousting tournament or medieval feast and I cut my hair every few years. However, I can … Continue reading

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Showering a Baby

Have you ever thrown a baby? Me neither, but my cousins do it all the time at family reunions and it freaks me out. I have thrown multiple baby showers so a friend who’s about to throw their first shower … Continue reading

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Tip Tuesday — Mags

What is the one magazine you can’t live without? Does it have the same person on the cover Every. Single. Month? Is there always a story of a woman who lost 600 lbs in 40 days? Does it keep you … Continue reading

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