Dan Turns Ten

I don’t necessarily love baseball, unless m’boy is playing it. It’s never been a passion of mine. But, I will admit there was something thrilling about running the bases at Safeco Field with Dan. It’s where the Mariners play and where we go once a year to eat hot dogs and ignore the baseball men unless they do something really cool, like score a home run or spit while they’re being featured on the Jumbotron.

Dan hit his 10 year mark as an employee of The MegaCorp with all of his digits, grey matter and scruples mostly intact and so they invited us to a gigantic party at The Field in honor of his… and about a billion other people’s accomplishments.

This party had everything.

Giant shiny numbers.


Homerun contests, bands, food, baseball stars we did not recognize even though they have streets named after them.

Fake mustaches.


Pictures of pictures of us on the Jumbotron. (We were not spitting.)


Caricature artists.


Dugouts full of baseball snacks.


Locker room access.


Slides into home.


Photo booths with signs that said MOM or WOW, which is basically the same thing.


Bored baseball players at press conferences.



Seriously, one of the best date nights ever.

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4 Responses to Dan Turns Ten

  1. Nancy says:

    That is so totally fun! Those pictures are awesome! Not gonna lie, I’m totally jealous…..not to mention my hubby has been at said company for the same amount of years and I haven’t heard of anything like this! I will be chatting with him about it first thing in the morning! Thanks for sharing the fun pics!

  2. Sabrina says:

    Kathryn, I haven’t seen you in person in a while, but I have to tell you–you are looking fabulous!!!!! You look awesome in the pictures! Whatever you are doing is definitely agreeing with you.

  3. vick says:

    I love this post because, well you’re both so AWESOME! I especially like your slide into home. It looks so legit.

  4. That looks like so much fun! What a memorable way to celebrate, too! The pictures were great, too. I love your expressions and how you both got into your roles.

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