Pirates Don’t Read

Today was Pirate Day at Magoo’s elementary school. Because why? Because why not!? Incidentally, it was also Bring a Stuffed Animal That’s Small Enough to Sit on Your Desk Without Being A Distraction Day at Laylee’s elementary school. Because why?
Because stuffed animals that small must really exist.

It’s days like this that I ask myself why Laylee and Magoo are at different elementary schools. Last night was STEM night for one of the schools. Last year it was math night but this is Twenty to the Twelve, yo. We’re all about STEM. Then tonight is a costume ball at the other school. There are two science fairs, two reflections nights, two PTAs, two different parent-teacher conferences in two different cities. It’s my favorite.

Anyway, as Magoo was getting ready to leave, he started removing things from his backpack and throwing them overboard.

“I’m not taking my nook to school for pirate day! I would look so stupid! Because, you know, pirates don’t really read.”

I did not know that.

“Oh, MAN!” he continued, pulling the Pokemon cards from his backpack. “Pirates don’t play Pokemon cards.” He gave me a knowing smile and shook his head.

Now, this I did know. I have never met a Pokemon-playing pirate. Uno – maybe. Go Fish – likely. But Pokemon – never. We need to keep this authentic.

Apparently a few things pirates DO are:

-Ride on a big yellow school bus, wearing a polyester backpack and a soccer shirt under their pirate vest

-Yell “ARRRRR” at three-year-olds until they cry

-Refuse to keep their pirate clothes on if all the other kids at the bus stop are dressed like civilians

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6 Responses to Pirates Don’t Read

  1. Cynthia says:

    2 questions. Because I am curious, not judging. Why are your kids in 2 different elementary schools? And does Magoo really bring a nook to school on a regular basis? I think my kids might p in different schools in the near future too.

    • Laylee’s in an accelerated program that’s only available in the next city over. Magoo tested in too but the program is over-crowded so we’re on a waiting list.

      And, yes, they do both take their nooks to school. Laylee does it every day and Magoo does it if he’s ever in the middle of a book on the nook.

      Magoo’s is an old school nook that Grandma gave him when she upgraded to the newest model. It makes me more willing to send it out into the world with a 7-year-old. I figure if they have them, they might as well use them.

  2. Cynthia says:

    I may email you for more info later. We may be moving and I need to get more educated with what’s out there. My kids are in charters now and getting challenged but not sure we can get the same setup elsewhere.

  3. Pam in Utah says:

    Just thought I’d say, Magoo looks SO GREAT! Yup, SO GREAT!

  4. Lisa says:

    Magoo makes an absolutely perfect pirate. Looking at him just makes me want to say ARGH! 🙂 The boys love the pic. Magoo is a favorite!

  5. very cute pirate! I think he has the snarl down! What a fun post 🙂

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