Mini S’mores for Mini People

I was at girls’ camp this summer, talking camp shop with some of my camp homies. Inevitably camp shop talk turns to s’mores because they’re much more fun than rodents, full body rashes, and hypothermia.

For the first time this summer I tried a little bit of camp heaven in the form of a peanut-butter cup s’more. Some ladies like their s’mores on thin mint Girl Scout cookies and some eat the marshmallows straight up between two pieces of chocolate.
I lamented that we didn’t have s’mores more often during the school year because it was a pain to get a fire started and bring out all the stuff. That’s when one woman said, “Mini s’mores.”

“Mini s’mores?”

“Yeah, mini-s’mores.”

And then they enlightened me. You take mini marshmallows, roast them over tea-light candles, and top them with a single chocolate chip, smooshed between two golden grahams.

Is there anything cuter than this?

This is a great idea if you have visiting faeries or anyone under the age of 12 or anyone over the age who is not lame.

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3 Responses to Mini S’mores for Mini People

  1. Joan Turchin says:

    you always have such cute ideas….and I imagine this is yummy. But probably not something we could do in the classroom. Kids also love microwave smores…how cool is it to watch the marshmallows EXPAND in the microwave. DO NOT use the GIANT size marshmallows, or…it looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy popped it for a visit.

  2. Janel says:

    Thank you for giving me this weekend’s activity. I prefer tea lights to hypothermia, full body rashes, and even dragging out the fire pit. Now, if I can just get a bag of mini Reeses PB cups to dress them up, I’ll be in heaven!

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