Learning Can Be Fun

“My five-year-old is struggling with writing. Well, he’s not so much struggling as he just hates it and thinks it’s a waste of time because it is in no way related to video games.”

Read more about how I’ve convinced him that writing can be fun on the Mom Congress blog at Parenting.com

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3 Responses to Learning Can Be Fun

  1. Melanie West says:

    Hi Kathryn,

    I’m and educational psychologist that specializes in helping kids tap into learning strategies that ‘really’ work. I love the writing game you created for your son. I was tempted to comment to some some questions about whether to be concerned about spelling and reversal, but I got worried that I would sound like I was ‘pitching’ to your readers. So, I decided to just send you a message. Love your blogs.
    Melanie West

  2. Mrs Lemon says:

    Hey Kathryn – I can’t seem to locate your email address, but I’m curious if you are still loving your HTC Incredible a year later? I am up for a new phone soon and have played with the Incredible 2 a bit while my friend wasn’t looking, and just thought I’d see what you thought a year later. 🙂

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