Mom Congress


I’ve spent the last 4 days in D.C. at the Mom Congress conference and I’m inspired and exhausted.

Click here to read how I stayed close to Dan and the kids while hanging out on the opposite coast.

Here is a bit more about my impressions of the event.

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  1. oinorton says:

    I am jealous!! I love D.C. Just love it! Hope it was wonderful! (I haven’t read your impressions yet:-)

  2. We just started a new blog: where we post funny pictures we find on Mommy Blogs for all moms to get a giggle out of.

    I figure since your blog is full of humor you might have some funny pictures that we could post on our blog.

    If we do post one of your pictures, we will put your blog’s button or url in the post with your picture so you would get the credit – and some new mommy followers!

    Hopefully you have a great picture to share with us!

    Heather Matthews & Heidi Werry

  3. Susan Codone says:


    I really like your blog posts, although my kids are a bit older than yours (but I’ve been there, believe me). My family went to DC last year and loved it, although my husband refused to let us ride in a cab and we walked miles in the wrong shoes. I have been writing my blog for about two months, rather fruitlessly as only my friends read it, but they tell me it is funny (but they are biased). I would love for you to check it out and tell me if it is indeed funny. I am a professor by day and write academically, but that is rather boring and I prefer the blog writing. My site is I actually teach web design, so if and when I ever get more traffic I plan to make it prettier and perhaps move it to my own domain. I would love to hear from you or your readers. My email is Thanks so much for your time and your writing –it is inspirational and funny!

    Susan Codone
    Macon, GA
    Yes, in the deep South!

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