WITH Siren

My parents and sister came to visit us for Christmas and it was so fun to have them here. It’s the first time we’ve ever had family up for the holiday and we wanted to make it special so we each chose a gift for each of our visitors. This year for the first time I asked the kids to use their own allowance money to pay for half of the gifts. It made the gifts more meaningful and it caused them to think more seriously about what to give.

Both kids got Auntie Meg jewelry because she is fashionable like that. Magoo got Papa a laser pointer and Grammy some chapstick.

After hours of looking, Laylee was browsing the little red boxed gift items on the end cap at Target when she came upon the Perfect Present for Grammy. She held the box up triumphantly.

Me: It’s a mini megaphone.
Laylee [grinning and nodding]: WITH siren!

I had to let her buy it, because who won’t remember the year that Grammy received a mini megaphone WITH siren for Christmas?

The gift was especially poignant considering Grammy suffered from migraines off and on for the first few days they were at our house. Yes, a siren will come in very handy for Grammy.

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3 Responses to WITH Siren

  1. Erin says:

    Hilarious! It’s so fun to see what gifts children pick out for others.

  2. Emily G says:

    Just be careful. With a gift like that, who knows what Grammy will give you next Christmas! (I see a children’s drum set in your future.)

  3. Amy says:

    At Christmas my son’s daycare class took a trip to the Dollar Store. They had to take $3 with them, so I had a feeling they’d be shopping for something. Come Christmas I knew what. When we opened our Christmas gifts, I had a shell-shaped bottle of hand soap (with an air freshener base!) and my husband had a putty knife. I have no idea what in his little two-year-old mind made him think those were the perfect gifts for us, nor can I imagine what the other kids bought for their parents or how the teachers masked their bemusement with the kids’ choices, but we sure were surprised! 🙂 Let’s just say the ornament he made us in addition brought us (me?) significantly more joy…

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