Dressing the Part

dan-tieFor our anniversary this December, I got Dan a bowtie, a real bowtie that you have to tie yourself and that you can pull lose at the end of the day and it hangs down on either side of your neck, a man’s bowtie.

It was my version of giving him anniversary jewelry. Plus I thought it would look hot on him. Plus it reminds me of the beginning sequence of Up, the sequence that makes every woman in America cry her brains out, where the couple grows old together and can never have kids and then (SPOILER ALERT!!) she dies and (DOUBLE SPOILER ALERT!!!) he ends up wearing bowties.

I thought it would be a sweet symbol of my wanting to grow old together with Dan and (SPOILER ALERT!!) eventually die, but mostly just grow old together and he would look all hot and distinguished and such while we were doing it.

He loved the tie but neither of us knew how to tie it and we didn’t take the time to get our YouTube on and figure it out until a couple of weeks ago.

It just so happens that on the Sunday we learned to tie it and he wore it for the first time, they announced in church that he would be the new choir director. He’d never worn a bowtie before and it looked suspiciously like he was wearing it as some sort of uniform for his new job. Little did everyone know, he was wearing it as some sort of uniform for romance.

Then this weekend Laylee and I walked down the hill from our house to buy groceries. I packed some reusable sacks in our little red wagon and we went on our merry way, holding hands and talking with very little carbon footprint.

On the way back up the hill, or as I like to call it, THE CLIFFS OF INSANITY, we got hot and sweaty. We got so hot and sweaty that my lungs nearly exploded and I had to restrain myself from showing Laylee how to dial 911 if I passed out on the side of the road. Let’s just say the wagon was a teensy bit heavier now that it contained 3 gallons of milk, several pounds of produce and a couple of loaves of bread.

I was stopped for one of our many rest breaks and I got to thinking about how the two of us must look, carting our groceries home from market, Laylee’s hair blowing uncombed behind her, our wagon full of organic milk and vegetables in their cloth sacks. “I’m totally playing the role of earth mother today.”

Then I looked down and noticed I was wearing a tie-dyed shirt, a tie-dyed shirt that I made myself with a group of neighbors under a tent outside last summer, all communal-like. The perfect touch.

Sometimes you dress the part without even thinking about it.

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18 Responses to Dressing the Part

  1. Mother of the Wild Boys says:

    Hilarious! Oh Kathryn, nobody points out the smile-inducing coincidences of everyday life in such an amazingly funny way like you….you are one of a kind. 🙂

  2. korinthe says:

    My feedreader showed a thumbnail of Dan’s smiling visage, but the author/title was obscured by another window as it loaded. I wondered “did I subscribe to an America’s Test Kitchen blog without realizing it?” 🙂

  3. KYouell says:

    Man, oh, man, I haven’t been here in a long time. I took a major blog-reading break. Saw your blurb/link on Facebook and I’m back. I’m wondering what uniform a fleece-lined hoodie with a perma-stained old t-shirt and short pj bottoms at 2pm is suited for? Bon-bons & soaps is probably it.

  4. Jeana says:

    I love your new design, and I am greatly tickled that you are still sporting your “Jeana Likes Me!” bobble head.

  5. yuka says:

    Uniform for romance!!!!! Killed me.
    love the blogs new look.
    miss ya.

  6. Caryn says:

    So true! Much better than being caught wearing exactly the wrong sort of outfit for the occasion.

    Oh, and I love your blog redesign!

  7. Heather says:

    Love it love it love it.

  8. I haven’t commented on your blog for a long time. So, I’m de-lurking to say that I’m laughing about you tie-dying under the tent! Ha ha ha ha…..

    I really like your header, too.

  9. HolyMama! says:

    Ahhh, the unsuspecting congregation thought the Effort of Hotness was for them. All in the name of your earth mama ministry. (well done. i like the tie!)

  10. allysha says:

    Love that your posting again!

  11. Nancy says:

    Loved seeing that bowtie last Sunday again! Very impressive! Also loved passing you and the youngster walking up that hill–I thought, “oh, how awesome is that?”. And then I didn’t even offer to give you a ride…how rude was that? Anyway, loved this post!

  12. Stephanie says:

    You have a tie dye shirt?

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