The Shock of Pajamas

I’m thinking notes in their lunches, pajama-themed bedtime stories, and labels sewn to the front of all their favorite clothes that read, “Temporary Clothing Unit – Pajamas will be worn during periods of sleep.”

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3 Responses to The Shock of Pajamas

  1. Margaret says:

    Wait, they have to put it away after playing with it?!

    No. Way.

    You mean mom, you. 😉

  2. Emily says:

    We have the same problem with toys. Life is so hard.

    On an unrelated note my life has been sucked away from me during the last few weeks while I read the entire Hunger Games series. (Note: Don’t try to read them all at once if you have a job, kids or any sort of responsibilities because either nothing will get done or you will go crazy while doing it because you have to know.what happened!)

    Then of course I had to run and read your post on the final book from a few months ago. I agree with your overall assessment but I have to say what bothered me more than the change in tone, was the sense that things were being crammed together to finish the series. Things that had been drawn out throughout the book or the series were instantly resolved with no explanation (Peeta’s instant cure from murderous rages most obviously.)

    In addition, right near the end the plot twisted so quickly (the violence toward Coin, Prim’s presence in the capital) that despite the hints throughout the book the lack of explanation in the changes was frustrating. It was like half way through she realized she had page limit and a plot to finish and didn’t do both effectively. That said, still loved the book and the series.

    Finally, regarding tone, I’m okay with the switch in tone because I see that as a realistic change from the images of the glories of war to dealing with the reality of war. Recognizing that even if your cause is just, the means might not be, is an important discussion point as well. So while it was not pleasant, I thought it was satisfying.

    (Finally, sorry I didn’t put this on your Mockingjay post, but I don’t know if you go and look for comments on old posts. I know I don’t.)

  3. Aubrey says:

    You make me chuckle (and yes I used the word chuckle) I could say lol but its so….. techish and that I am simply not.
    thank you for the smile. It is the truth you speak!

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