Independent Kids – No Imitations

Magoo informed me this afternoon that he wants me to change his name to J. J. I was pretty sure he hadn’t seen Lost or the new Star Trek movie so I assumed Mr. Abrams had nothing to do with this choice. I was right.

“There’s a boy in my class named J. J. and he’s my friend. His name is just J. and J. Isn’t that cool?”

“Yeah. That’s pretty cool.”

“It’s so cool. He’s my friend but he has way more friends than me. He hangs out with like 4 guys every day on the playground. I want to change my name to J. J.” [Read More at]

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One Response to Independent Kids – No Imitations

  1. Rachel says:

    I’m just learning this lesson myself. It’s shocking — through a little therapy and a lot of writing on my neurotic-mom blog, I am starting to realize how much I’ve always been influenced by others’ opinions and advice. (As a side note, my 2-year-old calls himself “Honk-Honk”. Don’t know where he got it. Doesn’t go to school. He’s never answered to his name but now he’s actually renamed himself. Maybe an overly developed sense of individuality?? Ha)

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