Chicken Sitting

I am chicken-sitting for a friend who is on vacation.

The chickens are angry.

When I fed them but did not let them out to roam, they vocalized their displeasure. I have a feeling they will lay non-free-range eggs tonight in retaliation. These eggs of rage should be avoided.

I wonder if they know that if they combined forces against me, they could do significant damage with their sharp beaks and talons. I don’t think they know. I escaped the property unharmed.

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6 Responses to Chicken Sitting

  1. HolyMama! says:

    you agreed to ‘chicken sit…?!’
    (and sorry, but that rhymes with a phrase not normally in my vocabulary)

    That is a VERY good friendship. I think she owes you one. Or a dozen. Ha. 🙂

  2. craftyashley says:

    Chalk up just one more reason owning chickens for organic eggs is a gigantically horrible idea. It’s nice to know I will never have to look in search for a chicken sitter of my own. (bliss)

  3. Julie Q. says:

    I’m jealous! I have always wanted to own chickens. And secretly I suspect this is only because I have always wanted to be the kind of person who owned chickens. I worry that if I ever actually GET chickens, I will discover that I don’t like them. Thus, chicken sitting would be an ideal test of my chicken-aptitude. Good luck!

  4. Poppa2b says:

    I raised chickens a year ago to see if Baby Dumpling would be interested. She was interested for a while, about 2 weeks.
    Chickens are not hard to raise, there are 2 types. You have broilers which are full grown and ready for harvest in about 40 days from hatching. You have layers that are around for several years. Chickens are actually not that expensive to raise if you do everything on the cheap. Get the wood for the pen from a construction site and the wire from Homedepot. If you have slugs in your yard then you’ll want them to roam free, just watch out for cats, and some types of birds.
    The real problem with raising chickens is the smell, they really stink and they are not very smart.

    Good luck…

  5. Oh I am terrified of them! This coming from a girl whose ancestors are farmers. Geese are scary, too.

  6. Stephanie says:

    ha ha! I just saw this post. I assume it’s my chickens you are talking about. Very funny.

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