A Letter

Laylee’s been learning about letter writing at school. Here’s a transcription of a letter she recently wrote to her teacher:

Dear Miss Snop/Rachel,
I woke up early. It was 7:00. First I got dressed. Next, I looked at the clock. Then, I did my homework. Last, I played. Did you wake up early? What time did you wake up at? Do you know that I know that yar name is Rachel? Are yar perents dead yet? Can you come to my birthday party next year?


Dan thinks it’s funny that she’s come to think of her teacher as being so old and authoritative that it’s highly unlikely her parents are still living. I find it more amusing that she finds nothing insensitive about asking her about it straight out, followed by a birthday party invitation.

The juxtaposition suggests that she’s either trying to be sensitive – perhaps the party invite is a gesture of consolation in the event that the parents have passed away – or she is seven years old and the death of a parent and the event of a birthday party carry roughly the same level of importance in her eyes.

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7 Responses to A Letter

  1. Karen says:

    Ha! So funny! I love that Miss Snopp now also knows that Laylee gets up early to finish her homework!

  2. rebekah says:

    if only we could be more like kids and not get our feelings hurt when people ask direct questions.

    Sounds like she is doing really well at understanding letter structure.

  3. rebekah says:

    or is it good.

    definitely not an english major.

  4. Suze says:

    That was really cute.

  5. craftyashley says:

    That made me laugh in very loud, baby waking ways.

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