In all my nerdalicious glory, I’ve found a way to boil my parenting philosophies down to technical jargon.

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3 Responses to Reboot

  1. mommy says:

    Wait a minute, your next post was supposed to be telling us the “personality” of your little one!

    • I KNOW. I’ll write it up tonight and post it. The Parenting thing goes up every Wednesday like clockwork so I thought I’d link to it since I did write something today. News soon to follow.

  2. Terina says:

    hello! i recently moved to the seattle-ish area (i think i’m closer to mt ranier than seattle) and was wondering what there is to do around here. and how people don’t lose their minds with all this rain and cloud business. we’ll be here for a few years (we’re military). i’m going to hit the seattle mom blogs link you’ve got. if you’ve got any suggestions, i would love them.

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