Violent Farmers

Laylee: Mom. Magoo and I are hunting. We’re shooting cows to get milk.

Me: You don’t shoot cows to get milk. You only get milk if they’re still alive.


Laylee: What can we get if we shoot them?

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20 Responses to Violent Farmers

  1. bananas says:

    heh heh
    I love these little conversations.

  2. Laylee’s thought processes crack me up!!

  3. mamadeb says:

    That is priceless!!

  4. Sketchy says:

    She obviously has her priorities in life.

  5. Shalee says:

    You’ll get a lot of friends who wouldn’t mind being invited over to your house for dinner…

  6. KYouell says:

    Is this connected to living in farm country and possibly pastures being flooded? I know, I’m trying to find a logical connection between what she might have overheard to their imaginations. I think it’s time for me to get back on coffee. I’ll start with decaf and see if that improves my thinking!

  7. Debra says:

    The way you recant their conversations – it’s like I can hear the conversations in my head in their + your voices. Guess that’s why you’re such an accomplished writer. 🙂 🙂

  8. Nicole says:

    Rib eye!!!!! yum.

  9. allysha says:

    good story. I laughed. Ben laughed. very funny.

    hope you haven’t floated away!

  10. Emily says:

    I love it!! 🙂

  11. Holly says:

    She’s practical, that one.

    I just read your previous post. Flooding? Seriously? Weren’t you just snowed in during Christmas, and there was no mail or garbage pickup or anything? And now you’re flooded in and there’s no mail or garbage pickup or anything. What gives? I know you said your neighborhood is a weather vortex, but still, this is ridiculous.

  12. My word, what kind of movies are you letting that child watch?? *wink* This made me laugh out loud.

  13. cyndi says:

    She’s funny. I hope you’re all drying out and that she doesn’t end up a Violent Femme 😉 Happy week!

  14. michal says:

    then there was my first grader who thought that hamburger could also be “milked” from the cow. he gave them up completely when he learned that although milk comes from live cows, hamburger comes from cows-no-longer-alive.

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