My Parents Have Left Me

I’m having a bit of a rough time. I just had a great visit with my parents, although I wish they’d never left, and for some reason I’ve been struggling really hard these past few days.

I have a new post up at Parenting about my mommy and next week I plan to do some giveaways to boost my mood. If you want to tell me a joke or a fun anecdote related to fluffy bunnies or cute baby chicks, I’d be much obliged.

To get the party started, how cute are these pirates?

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20 Responses to My Parents Have Left Me

  1. CoconutKate says:

    Shiver me timbers! Those are two of the cutes pirates I’ve ever seen! The costumes look great! :0)

  2. Awesome Mom says:

    I am always glum when visitors leave.

  3. Carrie says:

    They are adorable — your mood couldn’t possibly be related to the torrential RAIN we have had for the last three days, could it?????? I mean – seriously, I’m thinking we all need to retreat to higher ground.

    Either that or build arks. Whatever. 🙂

  4. grammyelin says:

    The absolute cutest pirates ever, that’s what! It was sure fun, K. And trick or treating with them was the best of all!!! Love you!

  5. Corrie says:

    You made those? They look fabulous!

  6. LisAway says:

    Super cute!

    If you’re really looking for jokes I just did a post of jokes,if you want to read it! I’m not saying they’re the best jokes ever, I’m just saying they’re jokes.

    You can find them here.

  7. Margaret says:

    I”m totally amazed / impressed / blown away (pun intended) by those cute pirates! And to think that you made them – both the costumes AND the kids! – you must be so proud! 🙂

    I still need my mommy, too, and while I’m THRILLED to think that I get to go home for Christmas, it’s already making me sad to think that I’ll have to leave again…

    Moms are just such SECURITY – that’s what they represented for so many of us when we were kids, and now that we are adults, and so many of us have to provide that feeling of security for other little people, it’s a relief to be able to bask in and draw on our own Mommy security for a while. 🙂

    I’m sorry for whatever you are going through. You and your family, so many of whom I love and adore, are in my prayers!!

  8. Jen says:

    {{hugs}} I hope things start to get better soon.

    Your costumes are AWESOME! I’m impressed with your sewing skills! (Especially since I have um, none).

    So here’s a riddle for you:

    What’s funnier than a pig in a tree?

    TWO pigs in a tree!

    (Currently my husband’s favorite joke) 🙂

  9. allysha says:

    Two of the most darling pirates I have ever seen! Hope you’re doing okay.

  10. Aubrey says:

    My mom just left also…. I live on the east coast and she lives on the west coast. sigh. I am VERY glum as well. I wish I could just snap out of it, but alas it seems to make me weary just trying to pretend I don’t miss her so much!
    Thanks for your sight, I love it! It is the only blog I keep up on at all, and I am glad I found it.

  11. All Adither says:

    Hm. I always have a hard time when my parents leave. I hate that we live SO far from them.

    Shameless self promotion, but I just put chocolate fudge baby cakes up at Half Assed Kitchen.

  12. Suzi says:

    When my boys were much younger, I was having a very sad day. My oldest, who was about two, climbed up in my lap.

    “What’s wrong, Mommy?” he asked me.

    “Mommy’s just sad, punkin.”

    “Don’t be sad, Mommy, I a good boy.”

    Then he hugged me.

    Virtual hugs and back pats from me to you. And, yes, they are the cutest pirates.

    My favorite Halloween costume ever was when my oldest was literally a toddler. He wanted to be Pooh and insisted on wearing his costume to the mall. He was waddling along, swaying from side to side just like Pooh, and many strangers came up to us to tell us how cute he was.

  13. goslyn says:

    Those are some cute stinkin’ pirates, DYM. Cute indeed.

  14. Pam in Utah says:

    CUTE!!!!!!!! Cute clothes, cute kids!!!!!

  15. cornnut32 says:

    you’re right. they are the cutest pirates ever.

    i’m always sad when my mom leaves, too. then i think about how glad i am that i’m sad….because a few years ago i cheered every time she left. it’s great that you have a good relationship with your parents, even if it is hard to be away from them.

  16. Those are some super cute pirates you’ve got there!!

  17. KYouell says:

    I have to second Cornnut32, as I still don’t have that great a relationship with my mom, so I kind of envy your blue-ness. Kinda. I’ve had a weird path and I don’t think I would change it, but your path sure sounds nice. Guess that’s why I read you, huh?

  18. Janel says:

    Amazing costumes, and boy, it sure is amazing that they posed so well for you! What is your secret?

  19. FarmWife says:

    I’m always sad when my mom & dad leave me too. It makes me feel like they’re abandoning me at camp all over again…not that they ever really abandoned me at camp….

    I don’t know what’s wrong with you people. Those pirates are not cute. They are the most fearsome pirates every to sail the Spanish Main. I’m shiviring in my timbers!

  20. NG says:

    How do you know if you’re a pirate?

    You just arrrrrrrrrrrrre!

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