You Can Tell The Family Reunion’s Over When

We recently got back from a family reunion in Montana where I spent 10 days hanging with my parents, 4 siblings, 2 siblings-in-law, 2 nieces, one nephew and 2 dogs in one house. It was a blast. However as the week drew to a close, I started noticing signs that it was time to pack it in and head home.

Here are the top 5 ways you can tell the family reunion is over:

1. All of your conversations degenerate into inside jokes, unfinished sentences and quotes from The Princess Bride and Star Wars.

2. You become so overcome with your niece’s cuteness that you start measuring suit-cases, looking for a place where she can comfortably stow away.

3. You come to realize that you’ve consumed every last morsel of food in the Billings area and have gotten almost too fat to fit in your van for the ride home.

4. After several nights with less than 5 hours of sleep because you can’t stand to be parted from all your best friends, you find yourself bursting into tears over an injustice in a card game and storming away from the table like a spoiled 5-year-old.

5. Your own children begin referring to you only as “Auntie Katie.”

So you can see the bangs in this picture, fresh from the religious hair salon. They don’t look their super-awesomest because I was more worried about getting one single picture of the whole family without either of the kids pulling crazy faces than I was about my hair. Alas. The price of motherhood.

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30 Responses to You Can Tell The Family Reunion’s Over When

  1. I just got new bangs too. Yours are way cute! Love your blog title, “Daring Young Mom”. That’s exactly how I feel having just ventured on my journey to become a millionaire in 1 year! EEeeeek I’m so excited I can’t wait to be able to take my family on vacation. Anyhoo, have a DARING day! Much Success.

  2. Carrie says:

    That’s a great picture of you guys!

  3. Mir says:

    Actually, you DO look super-awesome. I assume that’s to be your Christmas card photo? And that you will remember to send one to your internet BFF Mir? 😉

  4. Jeana says:

    What a great picture! I can’t believe how big the kids have gotten.

    That is possibly the most boring comment I’ve ever written.

  5. Faith says:

    And a lovely picture it is! I fear that it may be many more years before we get a family photo where no one is blinking and it doesn’t look like we have both of the kids in a headlock to make them sit still.

  6. grammyelin says:

    I can’t believe you’re all gone. It is so quiet…spooky quiet and BORING! Come back soon. I require the action, fun, junk food, cuteness, giggles and LOVE!

  7. Becky says:

    Wow – I can’t believe how tall Laylee is getting!
    🙂 Becky

  8. Tracey says:

    That is one of the best family portraits I have seen in a long time. Great smiles, great composition, neat outside setting and natural lighting. Way to take one for the team Mom! (Although, your hair looks great even if your bangs aren’t as perfectly coifed as you like – adds to the outside, natural, windswept, spontaneous portrait feel). 😉

  9. Nikki says:

    Bangs look hot and so do you.

  10. darling picture. For me, I know the family reunion should be over when I start feeling like I should put MY kids in someone else’s suitcase. Then I know I’ve lost my patience, and I should just go home and be a bad mom in private. 🙂

  11. allysha says:

    I like your hair. And, wow, you’re kids are growing up! My kids are, too, when I really look at them, and it’s always startling.

  12. Beth says:

    THAT, my friend, is an awesome family picture! And, um, can you tell Magoo to stop growing up please? Thanks. 🙂

  13. Pam in Utah says:

    Yes, I definitely NEEEd a copy! That picture makes you look way skinny! Great lighting, too, oh, cool photographer. And, oh yesss, great bangs! You know, I believe your great photographer lives in my geographic area. Hmmm. 🙂

  14. Heffalump says:

    Your babies are growing up so much! Where is the time going?
    I just wanted to let you know that I still read every time you post, I just don’t comment often. I’m sure you haven’t missed me what with all your other bloggy friends, but there it is anyhow.

  15. Eve says:

    Seriously you all look so good in that pick! Maybe I can pull it together for a photo on Sunday? Family photos scare many, too many kids in too many different directions!

  16. KYouell says:

    That must be a nephew Dan is holding. That little boy is big.

    Billings and your family (including your bangs) are beautiful.

  17. Janssen says:

    Even with your bangs not at their best, they are AWESOME.

  18. Jessie says:

    Such a great photo!

  19. All Adither says:

    Can my family hang with your family sometime? You’re good people. Clearly.

  20. Margaret says:

    This was your family reunion I was supposed to go to. Sigh. Maybe next time.

    Laylee looks like she’s grown a foot and a half – she looks like a person instead of a little girl – crazy!

    And Magoo – um, dude. Could he GET any cuter???

    I like you people.

  21. Azul says:

    Very cute photo, and your hair looks great.

  22. Janel says:

    Your family Christmas picture done in September? I’m jealous. And you all look so darn cute. Including the bangs.

  23. Christine says:

    When I go to MY familiy- I gain 8 lbs and have the best food everyday. When I last went to my HUSBAND’s family, (for Thanksgiving I might add)- I lost 4 lbs, and felt hungry everyday. They are vegan 🙁

  24. Most of the “family reunion is over” reasons you sited were positive, or at least negative things (lack of sleep) brought on by positive things (love for family)

    If it were our family reunion, you might not be able to count on so much positivity!
    Great picture too. My kids always look crazed or even possessed when we try for the cute family photo.

  25. Wendy says:

    Cute picture, auntie!

  26. michal says:

    um, number four is me after a few days of family reunion type gigs. i can’t bear to miss a single moment of fun and my kids can’t bear to sleep in later and by the end of the week i am in tears over whatever might come my way, which could easily be a game gone awry. we are as one. isn’t it nice that when that happens your family can quickly forget about it and move on?

  27. kelly says:

    sounds like you guys had a great time. Montana is so beautiful! and i love the bangs, i think it’s a great family picture!

  28. Nancy says:

    Love your family picture….just love it, you all look smashing 🙂

  29. Heather Lafter says:

    Love the Bangs!!!

  30. Rosie : ) says:

    Ah, such is a mother’s sacrifice! Sriously though, the picture is beautiful, everyone is smiling, what more could you want? 🙂

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