Reaching Out

One of the major highlights of my Blogher New York trip last week was reconnecting with Jen Lemen, a beautiful woman inside and out whom I met in Chicago last year. She is one of the most genuine and loving people I have ever met. To be around her is to feel good about yourself and hopeful about the world.

She is gathering donations for a trip to Rwanda to spread hope and relief and visit the daughters of a dear friend who is not able to travel back home to be with her girls. If you have a few spare dollars in your couch or PayPal account or if you have some free money left over from your tax return, please send it Jen’s way. I can guarantee you that good will be done on your behalf.

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One Response to Reaching Out

  1. em says:

    that is awesome, I will surely scrounge something up.
    p.s. I’m pretty sure it’s “Rwanda”

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