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My internet is dead.

Remember me? I’m Today’s tech mom.

Well yeah.

I don’t have internet access at this time. My internet’s been down since Saturday and my ISP is telling me it will be several days before they can even come look at it. The original service date was 2 weeks from when I called but they’ve squeezed me in for early next week. HOW THOUGHTFUL!

So we tried to switch companies but the only other high speed internet company in town has been so flooded with people switching from the company we’re currently with that they have completely saturated their infrastructure. They are not accepting any new accounts unless one of their current clients cancels their service.

No. I’m really not kidding about that.

So no online bill pay. No fixing my crazy blog header. No looking up things when I say, “Oh. I’ll just look that up online.” Limited email access on my phone where I can read my messages 8 words at a time and type responses with my thumbs. No IMing or webcam with Dan. No blogging or commenting on blogs though I can read your sites on my tiny phone screen… but let’s be honest, I won’t. I’m typing this at Eve’s house, heaven love her. She is my technological benefactor.

I am amazed at how dependent I am on technology. It’s quite pathetic actually. I miss you all. Please don’t be mad if I haven’t responded to your email or comments. My thumbs hurt real bad.

On a positive note – For the last few days I’ve been reading actual print books and cleaning my house. It’s sort of like a mini vacation… without the little umbrellas in my drinks.

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12 Responses to Send Condolences

  1. mother of the wild boys says:

    With Deepest Sympathy, MOTWB 😥

    Doesn’t your ISP realize how many of us rely on your blog to get through our day? Should we send a petition? 😉

  2. NG says:

    Poor baby. I went through something similar recently and it nearly drove me crazy. What did people do before the internet???

  3. Heffalump says:

    Ah the internet! Sweet internet! How do we live without you!
    We had our internet down for just one day recently and I thought I was going to DIE. Yes…its an addiction. I feel your pain.

  4. I didn’t think it was possible to live without the internet, crazy talk. The last time I lost internet service I threw a tantrum that rivals that of my three year old. I was on the phone with our modem provider for over two hours screaming because I couldn’t understand his heavily Indian accented english, because apparently when you can’t understand them screaming will make it better. The modem had a violent end… one day and two hundred dollars later I was back in business. My obsessions are pricey!

  5. Ah yes, we miss you too. Sending good wishes your way that your internet is back up and running sonner than expected.

  6. kirida says:

    so without the internet, should I send my condolences via horse and buggy?

  7. KYouell says:

    I feel your pain! I’ve often wondered what percentage of comments you respond to with an email. I fear it must be a high number and don’t know how you manage it. You are amazing and daring.

  8. Nicole says:

    No internet! How will you make it…I too am completely dependent on my internet and feel your pain.

  9. Life without internet could be a new experience. A long time ago I lost my high speed connection so I grabbed one of those free dial up discs, loaded it and plugged the phone line in. I wonder if you have phone service thru the internet, does your phone go dead when the internet is dead?

  10. I was out for two days a couple weeks ago and it about killed me. It was a refreshing sort of near death experience though.

  11. Shalee says:

    Poor you. I know that pain really well. It totally sucks.

    But after all that cleaning, I think you should get Dan to stop at a store to buy those little umbrellas. You’ll need them for your withdrawals.

  12. Carolee says:

    I go nuts when I don’t have internet here in Nigeria — I rely on it so much for communication and information. And it does go out even though we have 2 seperate internet servers, 2 back-up generators for when the power goes out (which happens probably 8-10 times a day) and UPS’s (universal power supply) on all the electronic things, which keep things running during the 10-second lag between when the power goes out and the generator kicks in. The apartment is a tangle of cords, but there are times when all the back-up systems available don’t do the trick, and in those moments a book comes in really handy.

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