Chicco Stroller Giveaway

strollerChicco is giving away strollers like they’re going out of style. I’m all for giving things away and for helping make strollers go out of style so I’m pleased to promote the contest going on at Chicco where one stroller will be given away each day in September (4 more chances to win!). I’m also excited to announce that one Daring Young Mom reader will win a stroller as well (that makes 5 chances to win!).

To win at the Chicco site, you have to answer a couple of easy questions. To win at Daring Young Mom, you need to do a bit more work but the winner will be chosen from a much smaller group. It’s a really cool stroller that retails for about $150.

Here’s what you need to do:

Convince me that you NEED this stroller more than my other readers. You can do this through photos of your current nasty dirty stroller, poetry, song or interpretive dance. Dan and I will judge all entries in a completely biased and unfair way, choosing whichever one we happen to like the best. I will be accepting entries through this Sunday, September 30th at noon PST. Send me an email with your plea and someone will be getting a free primo stroller. I’ll announce the winner Sunday night!

(Oh, and if you like The Office and you like free stuff, go check out Eve’s giveaway. You have to hurry. The contest ends in a few hours when the season premiere airs.)

The Contest is Closed. I’ll let you know as soon as we have a winner!

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22 Responses to Chicco Stroller Giveaway

  1. Azúcar says:

    I LOVE CHICCO. I want to win so badly, I love their products, I recommend Chicco strollers to everyone. Beautiful design mixed with functionality.

    I can’t actually win the Daring Mom contest because my current chicco stroller is too cool, too rugged, and as help up so well over the years that I am not pitiful.

  2. K says:

    I could totally use this stroller. A few months ago we got rid of our stroller that went to the travel system because it was gross and barely rolled. We had a small umbrella stroller but the wheel came off of it a few weeks ago and my husband threw it away thinking it was unfixable. My daughter is 19 month but we are also trying for another child. I could really use a stroller.
    It would be cool to have this super neato stroller 🙂
    I promise to read your blog still whether you choose me or not!

  3. Kerry says:

    I am very pitiful. I think maybe I could win!

    Let’s see, my current stroller came to us from a thrift store. It’s just a little moldy and almost completely functional. Just as long as you hold the handle “just so” you can even fold and unfold it!

    We are having another baby come November so I will be considered stroller-less, as you can’t put a sweet newborn into a moldy broken stroller, right?

    I am also pathetic in a myriad of other ways. I have six kids and haven’t been out to dinner with my husband in…well…I think we had dinner alone once in March. Oh, here’s a good example of how pitiful my life is. We took the kids out to Applebee’s for dinner last night because they have “kids night” where the kids meals are only $1 so we can afford to eat there every so often. We put our name in and waited about 15 minutes when friends of ours showed up with their two children. They put their name in and waited with us for about 10 minutes when they were called to their table. After another 15 minutes of waiting it started to rain so we had to move everyone inside to wait. I sent the kid to wash their hands, one by one to spread out the wait. We saw our friend’s order their dinner, then get their dinner, all while we still waited. At one point it occurred to me that I was (am) HUGELY pregnant and should be fed first, so I started to feel a little sorry for myself. At this point the kids began to theorize that if we had 17 children like the Duggars people would give up their seats for us because we would be famous (I seriously doubt that!). My 12 year old son actually said, “If I was Brittney Spears I’m sure they would give us a table!” I found this statement disturbing in more ways than one! After about an hour of waiting they began preparing a table for us. The manager came over and complimented everyone on being so patient and wondered if she could put in an order for an appetizer to be ready when we were seated. I told her “no thank you, I’m sure our meals will be plenty for us.” What I didn’t even hear until after I was done talking was the COMPLIMENTARY part of what she said. My husband gave me that “she has lost her mind look!” I turned down a free appetizer. What is wrong with me? I know, I know, I have a placenta!

    We were finally seated as our friends got their dessert. They did comment on how well behaved all the kids were and that was nice. For whatever reason it took 30 minutes to get our food, and then they screwed up my son’s order and brought NOTHING for my daughter. And it was 30 minutes after bedtime when we started eating. Pitiful, isn’t it? Stroller worthy even? Perhaps!

  4. Danielle says:

    I just read about a gal who won one of these (it was on her blog).

    How funny I read about it again, on another blog.

  5. Liz says:

    I actually registered for this stroller, and it would be a fabulous thing for a family member to not have to buy it for me. The guy at babies ‘r’ us was so in love with it he was just itching to demonstrate. It looks really easy to use, and I was way impressed with the shocks.

    AND the sahara collection inspired me to unisex baby room decorations so that I’m not stuck with green and yellow room decorations.

    we really pink puffy heart love this stroller. love it love it love it.

  6. ellen says:

    We are so smart, packing our van up well before our family of 5 heads out for our trip from the Midwest to the Northeast and then the Southeast and then home. Brand new cargo carrier is loaded and ready to go. The first thing we put in there was our stroller. My precious and pricey stroller. I had one day to drive the van all loaded up while I finished a few last minute errands. I was so careful all day, going into the credit union instead of the drive up window, etc. Then as we’re turning onto our road I see our mail carrier. I am glad since I have a mail hold form to give her. Next thing I know, I hear an awful screeching sound and am stuck half in and half out of the garage. You get the picture. After all was said and done, I was in shock that the roof was still on the van and the garage frame was intact. But my stroller…oh my stroller…that is what made me cry. It’s been 4 weeks now (we’re heading home tomorrow, actually) and I still get a sinking feeling in my gut when I think about what I did. DYM, please help me out with a fresh set of wheels for the baby who is getting a little too big for the bjorn!

  7. bon says:

    I would compete, but I gots to have me a double… stroller. Could probly USE a double shot of single malt, but lets just stick with the stroller bit for now. And I need a double.

  8. bon says:

    You mebby give away dubble, an’ I can has it?

  9. Ali says:

    Although I don’t personally need a stroller for my cat, my baby sister is expecting numero uno and is dirt poor. Her husband is a violin maker and repairer. Despite what you may have imagined (because I assume everyone spends time day dreaming about violin makers), violin makers and repairers do not make large salaries with which to support their growing families. I am realizing as I am writing this that it seems like the plot to an “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”. Alas it is not, he really makes and repairs violins and she really is expecting their first child in early January.

  10. Heather says:

    Look! See??? I’m doing an interpretive dance of a pregnant woman in her ninth month doing the limbo and getting stuck on the floor like a backwards turtle! Pick me!!
    Would love to win the stroller… would go to good use!

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  12. Erin Marie says:

    I read through the other comments and sadly, my story isn’t as tragic. I bought a stroller/carseat travel system on Craigslist (plus a swing and bouncer) for $85. Who can pass that up? Well, I took all the baby gear to my in-laws since we didn’t have room to keep it in that tiny apartment. It wouldn’t fit in the trunk! Not too big of a deal since I just tossed the carseat in the trunk and the stroller in the backseat, but I think that if there was an actual baby in there (January! only 4 more months!) it wouldn’t work as much. I did discover, however, that it fits in the trunk of my husband’s car. I’m already driving the old car with no AC, and the stroller doesn’t even fit in my trunk? What?!

  13. Stacy Woods says:

    Sing to the tune of “popcorn popping”
    I….looked out the window and what did I see? A next door neighbor puking on her apple tree. Fall will bring her such a nice surprise…a new born baby, I ain’t tellin’ no lies. She’s been sick since april, nothing to enjoy….she also has a sweet autistic boy.
    I know we may not win, But what a joy to see…..a chicco stroller for my best friend Tiffany!!!!!- love Stacy

  14. slawebb says:

    I think Kerry should get it. As much as I could use it and would love it. My stroller does still work eventhough the wheels do get a bit wonky when I try to turn the darn thing around. But it will survive through the next one I’m sure.

  15. K says:

    One last shoot out…
    *pick me, pick me, pick me*

  16. jk2boys says:

    I’m think I’m good on strollers, I have 3 (two doubles and a single). But I have nothing like this crazy chic chicco one! But that’s ok. I can do without. Besides, my husband would think me pretty crazy if I brought home yet another stroller (at least for a while). Of course, he can’t complain much about FREE!
    BUt, since I don’t NEED a stroller I’m voting instead, if that’s okay.
    I have read the comments and so far I like Stacy’s song (and the fact that she wants to give it to a friend) OR Poor Kerry and her yucky moldy stroller. I can’t imagine using a moldy stroller for a baby.
    Well, there you have it.

  17. Amy says:

    Ok, I’m sure you can sympathize with me…I have one adorable little munchkin’ who will be turning the terrible 2 in a few months, and I have been slowly and cautiously talking to my darling husband about maybe, possibly, having another munchkin’ before our terrible 2 turns 15! So, this stroller could really, really help me plead my case! See, if I have such a beautiful, functional, totally cool stroller, I could leave it sitting around the house or at the door where my husband would constantly be reminded that it is truly a shame to leave such a stroller EMPTY! So, what do you think? Will you help my cause!? Will you give me the arsenal?! I NEED IT!!!!

  18. Lesha says:

    I’d love to win this! This would beat the umbrella stroller that I use for my son.

  19. Lesha says:

    LilacButterfly [at] – oops, I forgot. 🙂

  20. Carrie says:

    I posted my plea on my blog… Have I mentioned that you are an amazing mom and writer? 🙂

  21. Carrot Jello says:

    As you can see, the wheel has fallen off of my stroller again.
    Yes, it’s time for a new one since we’ve added a fifth child. Frankly, even when the wheel stays on, it is not easy to navigate five children through the mall in that thing. Not to mention if we take it off road. My children have bit the dust so many times, they have dirt permanently embedded in their teeth. I have a broken stroller, and my children have dirty teeth. If that doesn’t tug at your heartstrings, nothing will.

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