It’s Easy to Solve Other Moms’ Problems

I came to realize if I judged them or their obnoxious kids, my own kids and I would likely go through the same obnoxious stage about 15 minutes later. [read more at]

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4 Responses to It’s Easy to Solve Other Moms’ Problems

  1. I don’t even have to click on the [read more…] to understand. Amen, Sister. BTDT.

    And now I’ll go click…

  2. Kimberly says:

    That hit so many bells for me. Wow.

    Gave you a shout out in my sidebar today – just to say I’ll think you’re vunnerfull!

  3. Marian says:

    Very, very well said.

    — a woman with four kids, including one with several special needs that are not visually obvious, and a transracially adopted child, who gets judged relentlessly

  4. loralee says:

    Amen. I often wonder why mothers, who should know better because they know how HARD it all is, are so ruthless and judgmental to each other.

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