Well Enough About Me

Let’s talk about you for a minute. (Be sure to answer the questions at the end of the post!)

A while back I asked you all to fill out a survey for me. The results are in and they’re fascinating.

74% of Daring Young Mom readers are between the ages of 21 and 34. No one over 75 or under 18 admitted to reading this blog.

I’m surprised that only 3% of the readers surveyed were male. I’ve always been very popular with the men folk. Maybe they couldn’t handle my year-long period of lactational discourse shortly following Magoo’s birth.

Although I live near Seattle, I’m actually located in a very small town. A quarter of you also live in small towns or out in the country but more than half make your homes in the suburbs. For some reason, my blog does not appear to be massively appealing to the urban crowd.

Most of my readers are middle class but those few of you making over $500,000 annually, please email me. I’ve got some great ideas for how you could spread around the love.

Very few of you have more than 6 kids yet so I guess most of us are still getting started. We’d better get busy.

96% of my readers have had at least some college education. Rock on educated ladies! … and you few gentlemen.

Your political views are all over the place with the biggest portion of you (45%) listed as republicans.

Half of you have a valid passport. The rest of you should get on that if you want to visit my motherland any time soon. I’m working on getting one for Magoo tonight actually.

For the most part, you’re churchgoers, or at least you claim to be for internet research purposes – with the largest group, roughly a third of you, being Mormon.

Your occupations are so varied I think I could staff an entire mini-civilization with your expertise. I’ll let you know when there are job openings for the Daring New World.

You need to send more email, preferably to me.

More of you watch Saturday Night Live than any news show, more American Idol than The Office and if so many of you watch What Not To Wear, why have none of you nominated me to be on the show? I’d gladly be humiliated for an hour for the chance to get a whole new wardrobe.

You use the PCs, although I suspect that many of you like me dream of switching to the Mac.

You started reading blogs right around the same time I started this one.

You like your internet speed high and 62% of you have your own blog.

More than half of you use Blogger.

30% of you only read one blog per day. Awww… geee…. Thanks. Oh. You didn’t mean mine? I still like you.

You read blogs for humor, personality and perspective but you like mine anyway.

60% of you never use RSS to read blogs. It really makes life much easier, ya’ll. You can subscribe to all your favorite blogs on Bloglines and it keeps track of new posts for you.

Only half of you floss regularly. This makes me like you more. I won’t say why.

You talk on the cellular phones.

Tsk. Tsk. Only 18% of you believe in UFOs. I sure hope you all still believe in Santa.

There were a few questions not covered in the survey or in other surveys I’ve conducted. There are things I just need to know.

For today please answer one or more of the following 3 questions:

What percent milk do you drink?
How many of your kids are currently named Dirk?
Do you believe in dust mites?

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86 Responses to Well Enough About Me

  1. What percent milk do you drink? me 1%
    How many of your kids are currently named Dirk? nope
    Do you believe in dust mites? yes

  2. Kendra says:

    We drink 2% begrudgingly. I enjoy whole but post baby decided to cut back to 2%. But I have hope, the Little Lady will turn a year soon and we’ll have to go back to whole milk for her little growing bones.

    No dirks and I’m not sure what dust mites are. Dust is real. I’ve heard of dust bunnies but I thought it was just a cute name for dust.

  3. Farm Wife says:

    We drink Whole milk for the extra fat content (yeah, not a popular thing, but we can all use it around here).

    None of my kids are named Dirk, but I did know a Dirk once…he was in my youth group in High School…his 5 siblings all had “D” names as well.

    And I do believe in dust mites, I do believe in dust mites. I think they take over my children’s brains in the night and make them act out against all forms of authority.

  4. Allanna says:

    We buy whole (for the sake of the kids … but since we rarely share, I’m ready to give it up and go back to skim) milk.
    We have zero children named Dirk.
    I have faith that dust mites DO exist, but I have yet to physically see one.
    And I hope to keep it that way.

  5. Checkers says:

    We buy 2%. Anything less looks blue and tastes watered down to me!

    No Dirks.

    Dust mites are real, man.

  6. Emily says:

    1. Hubby and I drink skim; the kiddos have whole milk.

    2. No Dirks here.

    3. I do believe in dust mites (insert full-body shudder here).

  7. Cousin Deb says:

    Milk = 2%. I prefer whole, but that would eventually lead directly to skim and I can’t have that.

    Dirks = None. But since I can’t get the names I gave to my boys right anyway, maybe they would answer to Dirk. I’ll give it a try.

    Dustmites = I believe. And I could have had the Kirby vacuum guy who invaded my home yesterday get them out of my bed, but he kind of creeped me out so there the little mites stay live continue to multiply and replenish.

    Survey = Ages 21-34????? Last month my eye doctor told me because I was getting older my eyes weren’t readjusting as quickly when I take off my glasses. This month I find that I am one of your old lady readers. This can’t be happening!!!!

  8. Amy says:

    1% – that darn cholesterol you know!

    No Dirk, but darn, that was one hunky name in the way back

    DUST MITES! They are for certain more dangerous than any little ol’ UFO for sure! Don’t get me started, I think I’ll have to have shower tonight, just thinking of them —ewww

  9. The adults and oldest 3 children are currently drinking FAT FREE!!! Yaay us! The littlest (who will turn 1 this week) has begun drinking WHOLE milk. We’ll wean her little self down over the next two years just like we did her siblings!

    No Dirks – who names their child that?

    I believe in dust mites and am sure that we are harboring a large army of them that might take over the dust bunnies if they ever get the courage up!

  10. bon says:

    I buy 2%, but never drink the stuff m’self. Lactose intolerant y’know.

    0 kids named Dirk.

    I not only believe in dust mites… I own the album.

  11. Jessica G. says:

    Those of us under three feet tall drink whole milk while the older folk are stuck with 1%.

    I had a friend in high school who had a brother named Dirk. He really, really, hated to be called Dirk the Daring. Ask me how I know how much he hated it…go on, ask! It’s a funny story involving me, a new shirt and a large glass of iced tea.

    Seeing those slides on dust mites in my Biology 101 class with Dr Boothe is still a great source of paranoia. Ewwww…

  12. elliespen says:

    2% when I drink it but I much prefer water or tomato juice.

    No children at all currently, but now they’re ALL going to be named Dirk.

    My sister was bitten by a dust mite once. (No really! Dust mite bites can be very painful!)

  13. Angie says:

    My husband is from a dairy-farming community, so we’re stuck on whole milk. It used to make me sick, but I’ve gotten used to it.

    So far, we have one girl named Emma and a boy on the way. We haven’t picked a name for him yet, though, so maybe Dirk will make the cut.

    Yes, I believe in dust mites. But I try not to think about them. Sort of like how I try not to think about tiny spiders crawling in my open mouth as I sleep. And of course I’m writing this as I’m on my way to bed. Won’t be falling asleep for awhile. 😉

  14. Barb says:

    1: skim
    2: I have a brother in law named Dirk
    3: I believe in them, but I don’t experience them

    BTW: my 13 year old lurks your blog daily, so there is someone under 18 reading you.

  15. Tricia Smith says:

    1:skim for me: 2% for the hubby and kiddos
    2. 0 kids named Dirk, aButI’ll remember to add that to my list of names to bestow upon future children I want bullied.
    3. Dust mites are kinda like Santa, you know they’re real but you never ever see them. They also leave you presents, if you like love bites.

    Hey tell Nantie Meg that we are in Southern California, and if she would like to come and visit us we are 3 miles from the beach and about 30 min. away from disney land. Your family is welcome to come too!

  16. Tricia Smith says:

    1. skim for me: 2% for the hubby and kiddos
    2. 0 kids named Dirk, but I’ll remember to add that to my list of names to bestow upon future children I want bullied.
    3. Dust mites are kinda like Santa, you know they’re real but you never ever see them. They also leave you presents, if you like love bites.

    Hey tell Nantie Meg that we are in Southern California, and if she would like to come and visit us we are 3 miles from the beach and about 30 min. away from Disney Land. Your family is welcome to come too!

  17. Melissa says:

    We drink skim milk ever since we got the report that Hubby’s cholesterol is HIGHER THAN A KITE.
    No kids named Dirk and since we are probably done, there probably won’t ever be a Dirk.
    I’ve never really considered the possibility that dust mites might not exist. I have been blindly following the “experts”. I will attempt to do some research and get back to you on this one…

  18. MamaToo says:

    Fun results, and great commentary. 🙂
    2% milk drinkers here in the big-ol-city
    No kids named Dirk (though we’re not to 6 yet, either)
    Dust mites a protected (as in, why take the time to disturb them on a hot day?) species here.

  19. jk2boys says:

    I prefer whole milk (3.25%?)
    N/A (no one by that name here)
    I do believe in dust mites, but I do NOT believe in the majority of products to get rid of them. Hot water and a hot dryer might make me feel better though. But I agree with comment 4… “I have to pretend stuff like that is fictional for my own sanity purposes”.

    Now for some questions for you:
    What do your kids do while you blog?
    Do you have any pet animals/rocks?
    What percent of milk do you drink?
    “’cause you could drink whole if you wanted to”.

  20. allysha says:

    none, probably ever.
    yes, I do.

  21. summershine says:

    2 percenters over here. We go through 4 or 5 gallons a week. (the kids love cereal in the morning, and I love cereal as a midnight snack)

    No Dirks, and none in the works (hey I rhymed)

    I never thought about it before. I’ll go with whatever the majority of the other posters said. 🙂

  22. RGLHM says:

    My word you have a lot of lurkers!!!
    1) 0% unless found in the occasional ice-cream or dessert
    2) I have a brother in law
    3) I belive in Dust bunnies.

  23. Dirk says:

    Hey?! What gives?!

  24. Sketchy says:

    Me personally? None. Lactose intollerant. Kids and hubby drink 2% and lots of it.

    0% of my children are named Dirk, although I totally had a crush on Starbuck from Battlestar Gallactica…back when he was a dude. That should be said. And wasn’t his real name Dirk?

    I do you believe in dust mites. I do, I do, I do…but I don’t worry about them.

  25. Pam in Utah says:

    1. Depends on who is home, but I agree with #69 lol, “you could totally drink whole milk if you wanted”
    2. Nop, no I don’t
    3. Yep, I guess…

  26. To JK2boys #69:
    -put soap in their hair
    -fishy named JackAgain, after our dearly departed fishy Jack
    -Skim, but your boost to my confidence is much appreciated

  27. Amy says:

    -we drink skim
    -no dirks around here
    -unfortunately, we belive in dust mites–one kiddo is allergic

  28. Katherine says:

    *skim or 1% – depends on what kind of mood I’m in and how much hubby is whining about the milk being “clear”
    *currently, none. But I guess we could change “little man’s” name . . .
    *I’m getting shots on a regular basis because of them, so Yes, Virginia – there is a dust mite!

  29. Skim milk for me!

    A dirk is a type of Scotish sword, thus making it a cool, manly name… no Dirks yet, but, perhaps, someday…

    Dustmites exist. Oh yeah. They’re everywhere.

  30. 2% on my cereal, whole milk in the yummy cheese sauce I made to go over our burgers at dinner tonight (thank you Tyler Florence).

    If I don’t name my son Tyler, or Florence, I’ll definitely consider Dirk.

    If I have to. So far, I believe more in UFOs. Seriously.

  31. andrea says:

    OK, after reading this I see that I am (as usual) one of the odd women out in most of your categories. Except that I am a woman and I am university edumacated. However, (1) 2%, (2) my sons sport my husband’s common Mennonite last name which is *almost* Dirk but worse (guesses?), (3) they don’t believe in me so it’s moot.

  32. Karen says:

    I’m 17and I read your blog religiously! I clicked on the AOLParenting one day and you completely cracked me up so I just keep coming back. I don’t have any kids and there’s no reason for me to read a parenting but I enjoy your writing so much I always have to stay updated. I’m sure that’s less than 1% but you have at least one under 18 reader!

  33. I don’t drink milk, except the one glass my husband forces on me when I am pregnant. One glass the whole nine months. I would drink whole milk that is farm fresh, unpastuerized if I just had to drink it or die. But in my house is always 2% unless I have a child 2 or younger.
    I don’t have a child named Dirk, but I used to know a guy…..
    I do believe in dust mites, but if not believing in them would make me not allergic to them, I would stop believing.

  34. Shalee says:

    I buy 1%. Does that count? I don’t like to drink milk unless it’s got some ice cream and chocolate mixed in it.

    No Dirks here. (I do, however, on occasion have some jerks here. Does that count?)

    Yes to dust mites. But I prefer to ignore them… much like my dusting duties.

  35. Angela says:

    I hope people realize dust mites aren’t the tuffs of dust we see around. They’re evil little buggers that live in the carpet and on our bedding that eat our dead sloughed off skin. Its horrible and aweful and I’m allergic to them so I’m rather more aware of them than I wish I was. Anyway we’re a random percentage family: I like skim, whole for the boys and desperately trying to ween the husband down to 2%. And sorry no Dirk but my sister did date a creep named that.

  36. Goslyn says:

    We always have 3 gallons going at a time – skim for me, 2% for SuperHubby and whole for the Tominator. We don’t keep Seth’s milk in the fridge 🙂

    Currently, 0% of my children are named Dirk. I’ll have to keep that in mind if round three ever comes about.

    And yes, I believe in the evil, evil dust mite.

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