Mudder’s Day and a Sack of Frogs

I can safely say the best part of the weekend was listening to Laylee say “Mudder’s Day” around 400 times. Happy Mudder’s Day. I’m so glad it’s Mudder’s Day. Did you know I get to sing in church because it’s MUDDER’S DAY??!!! You are a wonderful mudder!

Ah. I hope she’s still pronouncing it that way when she’s 15. By age 16 the other kids might start making fun of her.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve watched the 4-12 year-old kids at church go up to the front and sing to their mothers on Mudder’s Day. I cry every time. This year Laylee was finally old enough to go up and sing. She was almost ¾ as excited as I was.

She stood in front of the group of kids, her chin resting on her folded arms up against the short wall next to the podium. Luckily her jaw is strongly hinged (she gets that from Dan) so her face didn’t actually split in two from the gigantical grin. As the other kids started to sing, she jumped a few inches and looked back with furrowed brows, like “what is all that RACKET?”

sack-of-frogsAs far as I could tell, she didn’t sing a word, just stood there grinning and waving at me. It was truly one of the best moments of my life. She had asked me to bring my Mudder’s Day card and wave it while they were singing so she could tell which one was her mudder. I forgot. But I’m pretty sure she could tell. Her eyes stayed locked on me for the few minutes they were up there… and when they finished singing… and when the other hundred and thirty kids had left the stage… and a teacher had to lift her up by her elbows and point her towards the exit.

She ran to me for a hug and drew me this picture. I chose not to guess what it was so she told me. It’s a WHOLE sack of frogs!

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  1. Heffalump says:

    I can just picture Laylee up there looking at you. I don’t think I have heard a Primary group sound good very often…but they sure are cute up there. Just wait until fall when she doesn the Primary Program and gets to be up there for the whole meeting!

  2. I was guessing a rose 😉 Sounds like you had a great MUDDERS day!

  3. Jessica says:

    A whole sack of frogs? Lucky! I love watching the Primary kids sing. Its fun to see the little ones who seem confused and the much older ones who are starting to think that they are too cool or too old to have to sing. And there is always at least one kid who draws way too much attention to him/herself, for whatever reason.
    Glad you had a good Mudder’s Day.

  4. Melessa says:

    My son used to stand up there shouting “Hi Mom” over all the singing as Dave and I crawled under our seats. But I still cry.

  5. kimmie says:

    What a wonderful sack of frogs…definitely a keeper! So glad that God blessed your heart on Mudder’s Day…praying your sweet daughter continues to pour out the oil of joy on your head and heart!

    mama to 6
    one homemade and 5 adopted
    Love to have you come by and meet us!

  6. She knew excactly what you wanted. Best Mudder’s Day drawing IMO.

  7. Lisa says:

    Sometimes, when I read your blog, I think… our families may somehow be distantly related, because so many stories have also happened here… seriously! On Mudder’s Day, Superman, my almost 3 year old son, stood front and center on the steps in front of all the other Sunday school kids, with one hand in his pocket and stared straight out into the congregation. He didn’t smile, he didn’t sing, he didn’t budge for 2 songs. It was the most precious thing I’ve ever seen and the best Mudder’s Day present I’ve received so far! Too funny!

  8. Jennifer says:

    Wow. I didn’t get a whole sack of frogs. You must really be the best mudder ever.

  9. Jeana says:

    Frogs–Mud. That makes sense to me. The Hallmark store was probably all out of lily pads. But I really think you should hit Dan up for a 4×4 for the best mudder ever.

  10. Tigersue says:

    That is so sweet! My oldest said she did not get me anything for mothers day because she did not have any money. 🙂

    Of course getting ready for prom did not have anything to do with it!

    ON another happy note, I now have broadband internet so I can visit your site more. With Dial up it was hard to come by! Yeah, dances with joy.

  11. Joo says:

    Oh. Wow. That made me cry.

    I love it when the little ones sing at our church and I can’t imagine the giddiness I will feel when my girl is old enough to sing and er, draw a sack of frogs for me – that’ too funny!

  12. sarah k. says:

    Lucky! Now I feel crappy about my half-sack of frogs. I’m just so curious what it says down at the bottom.

  13. Millie says:

    Awwwwww. The kids singing at church always make me cry. This Sunday was my Bella’s last time because next year she’ll be 12 and too old. I shed a few tears over that this Sunday. My 5-year-old stood there and grinned at me too.

  14. Toni Jill says:

    What a sweet Mudder’s Day! My ninny-muggins are too little to say it but I can’t wait for the day when they will! Check out my blog if you ever have time. I am enjoying perusing yours! Have a wonderful Wednesday! ~Toni Jill

  15. LainaKay says:

    Cute… cute! Love when the little ones do that! Hilarious that she wanted you to bring your card as identification! My six-year old tried to peek and wave at me from behind all the big kids that they always seem to put in FRONT!?! Oh well, sweet just the same. Next year my youngest will be up there, she’s got a flair for drama though, so it will be interesting!

  16. Cheryl says:

    My 6 yr old sang as loudly as she could with her toothless grin…my 4 yr old was asleep; we woke her up to go up to sing and she got halfway up there and then turned around and limped back crying “My leg hurts, my leg hurts!” Her foot had fallen asleep whilst she was alseep on the bench. Luckily she wasn’t too upset about not singing (which we assumed she would be).

    A sack of frogs! That’s awesome. I got a drawing of a “rock that turns into a baby shark”… 🙂

  17. Stephanie says:

    Lucky you! I didn’t get to go to church on Mudder’s day because of the strep throat…

  18. Karla says:

    Wow, a bag of frogs. That is so sweet 😀 I got two pots with beautiful flowers from my kids.

  19. What a precious story…

  20. jodijean says:

    i cant wait until i get a sack of frogs on mudder’s day.

  21. Farm Wife says:

    And all I got were purple snakeskin boots…an entire sack of frogs? You are so lucky!

    When my little bro (Bubba) was 3, he got to stand up and sing “Jesus Loves Me” with the rest of the nursery for Mother’s Day. For weeks Mama would practice with him and he’d sing it perfectly. Then when asked what he was going to sing at church, he’d always answer, “Beat It.” (He was a tad obsessed with Michael Jackson…those were the Thriller days so it wasn’t creepy.)

    Mother’s day rolled around and the group of 15 or so 3 year olds tromped up on stage with Bubba at one end of the line. They all turned their angelic little faces out to the congergation & began to sing, “Jesus Loves me, This I…” And suddenly we all heard, “Beat it! Beat it!” There stood Bubba with a microphone in his hand belting it out for all he was worth. Eventually his teacher had to remove him from the stage so the rest of the class could finish singing in peace…I thought my grandmother was going to slide all the way under her pew.

    Happy Mudder’s Day!

  22. That is so, so, so cute!!!! I love the frogs and you almost made me tear up too just reading about her “song”. I know just how you feel.

  23. jk2boys says:

    I have always loved hearing the primary kids sing. This Mother’s Day was going to be the first time MY VERY OWN Sunbeam would have that chance. Only it didn’t happen.
    I was in the mother’s room, nursing my younger son, so I rushed in to see him, but he wasn’t up there…
    My husband had “decided not to bother!”
    Me: Did you try and walk him up there?
    Husband: ….um…no….
    Me: Why not?
    Husband: He didn’t seem like he wanted to go…..(long pause)…. don’t worry bun there will be other times….
    My thoughts: YEah, like FATHER’S DAY!
    Bah, Humbug!

  24. ZaCarrie says:

    That’s awesome. A whole sack of frogs. She makes me wish II could have a whole sack of frogs for Mother’s Day.

  25. Kat says:

    I *may* have just split my pants from laughing my butt off so much… I’ll have to check later, but I’m pretty sure that their done with…
    Oh My what a gift this post was to read….

  26. Kimberly says:

    At least she’s not stingy like those kids who only give their moms one frog.

    I so can’t wait till Emma is up there singing. =)

  27. Daring Young Dad says:

    There is nothing better than a sack of frogs.

  28. Sketchy says:

    This year I am just happy that none of my children tried to sneak over to the mic…

    Darn Millie, that hadn’t even occurred to me that this was either of our 11 year old’s last Primary songs for Mother’s day. Now I’m going to be sad all day!

  29. heather says:

    mine didn’t sing a word either, but at least he went up. last year he WOULD NOT go stand up there with all the other kids.

    Stupid chorister stood in the way this year, so while he went up and didn’t sing- we couldn’t even see him! When he came back down I hugged him and told him I was so happy he sang me a song, his words: “I didn’t sing the song mom”.

  30. Sandra says:

    Hi! My name is Sandra. I lead a small group of kids at church on Sunday & was “googling” to find a song for the kids to sing at church on Mother’s Day……your site came up in the search 🙂 Could you share what songs the younger/older ones sang? It sounds SO cute! 🙂

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