Does She Engage in Imaginative Play?

“Why yes, yes she does,” I answered the doctor at her 4-year well check visit.

What I didn’t tell him was that sometimes I want to open up a can on her imaginary posse…

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9 Responses to Does She Engage in Imaginative Play?

  1. J. Fergie says:

    You’ve been tagged! 5 reasons why you blog.

  2. heather says:

    don’t you wish sometimes you could climb into their minds and really grasp how they put things together?

  3. allysha says:

    My girls often fight about something “imaginary” going on. Like “she ate my cake!” I try to explain that either the cake wasn’t really eaten, OR, even better, just imagine up a new cake. But no, being able to take real offense from imaginary play is more fun. It’s a little exhausting.

  4. I wish imaginary sleep would cut it for me. Imaginary cleaning anyone?

  5. Anne/kq says:

    There are kids who don’t engage in imaginary play? Mine both started “pretending” at about 8 months…

  6. “Waaaaaaaaahhh!!! Mom, Sarah won’t share any of her pretend candy!”
    That is a direct quote. Though it is not Legion-Sarah who is being quoted, it’s non-imaginary me.

  7. Michelle says:

    There’s this Star Trek episode where an evil entity took the form of a little girl’s imaginary friend and used her to infiltrate the ship. Better make sure Laylee hasn’t been contacted by aliens.

  8. RGLHM says:

    I love the picture you posted. What a creative little girl! Good luck with those 7 new ones. Marry them off maybe…7 brides for 7 brothers?

  9. julie says:

    okay, just one more comment today… have you ever HAD a can of whoop a**?

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